Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

Shades of Color

Choosing multi-coloured bridesmaid dresses for your bridal party is like sprinkling gemstones around the bride. The range of colours can represent a rainbow, or the artistic nature of the bridal theme. You can enhance this colour scheme by allowing bridesmaids to each have a distinctly different style bridesmaid dress as well, heightening the individuality of the bridesmaids as they support you.

Multi-coloured dresses can be a mix of jewel tones or a subtle range of colours in the same colour family. Or you can choose colours that display a theme such as the sand and sea at a beach wedding. One idea is to have your maid of honour choose her gown, and then send a fabric swatch to each bridesmaid to contrast or complement.

If you select multi-coloured bridesmaid dresses, you will stand out as the diamond amongst the accent colours. Truly a light shining amidst a garden of flowers.

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