What Colour Bridesmaid Dress

A Gallery of Different Colour Bridesmaid Dresses
Choosing your Bridesmaid Dresses is a decision that can make or break your wedding. Pick the wrong dress and you may lose friends over it (and the guests will remember and laugh about your choice for years to come).

To help you with this challenging decision, many of truebride's members have been kind enough to email through photos of their wedding day. From these we have been able to put together a gallery of bridesmaids dresses for your reference.

Photos of real weddings, real brides and their bridesmaids. Sorted by colour scheme we have put them together to try and help you with your colour and style ideas.

These bridesmaids dresses are not for sale and are not from any specific designers, they are here just to help you with ideas. Click on a photo below to see a huge range of bridesmaids dresses, in each colour scheme.

Browse through hundreds of bridesmaids dresses - Which colour scheme is for you?

When deciding on what style of dress you'd like for your bridesmaids, you need to take into account several vital factors. Not only do you need to get the colours right (how many bridesmaids have had to suffer through wearing a horrible pink dress that made them look like a fluffy marshmallow?), but also the style & cut.

Different body shapes work better with different styles of bridesmaid dresses, and it's no good trying to squeeze everybody into a one-size/style-fits-all, if it's going to de-emphasise their figure strengths and/or emphasise their weaknesses (not many of us are lucky enough to be born with a model-perfect figure, after all).

Your best bet here is to work closely with your wedding dress supplier AND your bridesmaids. A qualified competant wedding dress designer should understand what sorts of dress styles best suit different shaped and sized bridesmaids, and can work with each individual to find something that shows her in her best light, all while keeping to a similar theme across all dresses.

Trust us when we tell you that your bridesmaids will love you for taking their feelings into account when it comes to their bridesmaid dress, and will likely hate you if you put them in something that looks horrible for them. While you don't want your bridesmaids to outshine you (the bride), you still want them to look fabulous and enhance the overall look and feel of your wedding.

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Once you get to your list of bridesmaid dress suppliers, you can browse through them, noting down contact details, or if you prefer, select individual ones to add to your very own Personalised Supplier List.