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Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands


Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a great addition to the perfect wedding. Nothing beats having live music played at the reception, and a band can really improve the ambiance and vibe of the whole event.

So, the trick becomes sifting through all the wedding bands available to find one that meets your budget, music style and theme, and that can sometimes be a difficult choice.

Your first step should be sitting down as a couple and deciding what sorts of music you both like in common. Is there a particular band or music genre you both agree on? If so, and you feel it would be appropriate to have a wedding band that plays this style at your wedding, then you have narrowed down the field to a smaller number of players, which makes your job much easier.

From there, you can search through our Wedding Directory for Wedding Bands, and start checking the options out. Always try to see them perform live, where possible, because you can bet their demo video/dvd is NOT going to show their weak points.

Once you have both agreed upon a wedding band to play at your reception, you need to sit down with the band and discuss what songs you want them to play and perhaps even in which order some of them will need to be played. It's no good complaining AFTER the wedding that your band did not play what you like and when, if you did not take the time to give them explicit instructions.

At True Bride, we want to make this decision as easy as possible for you, so we've added a large range of Wedding bands to our Wedding Directory, so that you can review which bands are available to meet your needs, and where they are.

Just go to the Music and Entertainment section of our Wedding Directory, enter your home postcode, choose the maximum distance from home you are prepared to travel to check out the Wedding bands listed (from as close as your home suburb, through to all the choices available in your home state) and then click the Search Now button.

Once you get to your list of wedding bands, you can browse through them, noting down contact details, or if you prefer, select individual ones to add to your very own Personalised Supplier List.

You'll need to become a member of True Bride (which is free) to use the Personalised Supplier List facility, but it gives you access to a great range of resources and tools (including all of our wedding planning tools).

Search our Wedding Directory for Wedding Bands.

True Bride is one of the most comprehensive Australian wedding directories with over 15,000 wedding suppliers listed nationally.


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