Bride of the Year 2008 - Winner

Julianne Bremner, VIC




Julianne Bremner from VIC,
married 15 March 2008


Bride of the Year 2008 - Winner

There were twenty two gorgeous finalists in the 2008 Bride of the Year Competition, True Bride's eighth annual competition. Each of the twenty two entrants had become finlalists from hundreds of contestants throughout the year, each deserving a chance to win. But there can only be one winner and inthe end Julianne Bremner received the highest amount of votes, and was crowned 'Bride of the Year' 2008. Congratulations Julianne!

Our Winner

One of our service providers Irene Frost (Cake Toppers), suggested I enter the Bride of the Year competition. The idea of being “Bride of the Year” seemed very exciting to me and with wonderful prizes offered on top of that title, I decided I had to give it a go.

I spent a lot of time over many months asking absolutely everyone and anyone I came into contact with to vote for me! Family, friends, work colleagues and punters at our Kindred Duo gigs. Nik would announce during our set that I was a finalist in the Bride of the Year Competition and people just wanted to know more about it! People were happy to vote and we would just let them know how to do it, they thought it was a great thing to do a fantastic opportunity to share our wedding with the world and have the chance to win prizes while we were at it! It was kind of a buzz for them too, to know someone who’s a contestant.

It was also a huge help that Nik was a great activist in helping me to get votes through networking with people he knew. I also got on facebook regularly asking my friends to vote for me. Being in the Bride of the Year Competition has been a truly wonderful way to share our wedding with so many people, even if I hadn’t won.

When I received the call to tell me I’d won, I was absolutely, blown away and delighted to receive the wonderful news that I was the 2008 Bride of the Year winner! The news came quite unexpectedly; I was actually on my way to bed for an early night and was half asleep. I decided to check my mobile missed calls, there were 2 (unbeknownst to me, the bride of the year director). I’d assumed it was a makeup client trying to book me (I’m a makeup artist)! “Hello this is Julianne here, what can I do for you?” I said. Indeed I was very surprised when a voice said “What can you do for me? It’s Anne from True Bride here…” It took me a few moments to register the reality of the call, before allowing myself to yell out something crazy in excitement!

Nik heard me from the next room, “Oh my God “he said. Nik just knew straight away what the phone call was about. We then jumped around in the living room like crazed children on red cordial! I later phoned my Mother in law, Paula Stone, she was very excited and proud “My daughter in law, the Bride of the year, congratulations!” When I phoned Nanny, Jackie Stone, I said “Guess what,” and I heard her gasp, “no I’m not pregnant Nanny!” I had to get that clear straight up! We laughed together on that topic and then I told her about my win. My bridesmaids were very happy saying they were excited to be part of the wedding of the Bride of the Year! I have received lots of congratulations and hugs from many excited people!
I rang my mum, Nellina Bremner. “Oh sh..!” she said as I told her the news as she laughed excitedly! We giggled together as I told her about the wonderful prize.

With the prize money, our idea is to stick it into a kitty, where we can draw on it to do stuff together. Dinner, movies, weekends away etc to ‘spend’ time with each other. It’ll be an ‘us’ fund! Either that, or what Nik would like to do, which is to indulge like Royalty for the weekend whilst we’re in QLD at the Versace hotel- maybe some sailing and a hot hair balloon and a visit to Movie World! Either way, we’ll certainly make good use of it and we’re extremely thankful to receive such a generous sum! Wow, I feel so lucky! Thank you True Bride!


Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008

The Romance

We met at the Tyres Music Club Gippsland Victoria in June 2005. My guitar teacher Tony Calabro had encouraged me to check out the performances there so I went along. Soon after seating myself, I felt a 'tug' on my long hair so naturally I turned around smiling at the playful culprit, unbeknownst, my future husband! Nik introduced himself during intermission and we chatted about music sharing our common interests and passions. The following week Nik visited my guitar teacher Tony to pass on his contact details with a view to jamming with me. I was really impressed that Nik had managed to track me down as we'd not previously exchanged our numbers. We began jamming regularly, enjoying getting to know each other, developing a strong friendship. Nik was an inspiration to me, his attitude was always so positive and enthusiastic! Everything flowed when we were together and so our musical duo was appropriately named "Kindred". Our romance begun in October 2005, ignited with an amazingly passionate first kiss. That was my life changing moment, I knew from then, I would be with Nik forever!


The Wedding Proposal

Within two months we were already discussing marriage, we were effectively "engaged to be engaged"! In March 2006 we shopped together for my engagement ring. Over the next four months, the ring nested safely in Nik's possession whilst I was left pondering when and how he'd actually propose! On July 19 2006, Nik invited all of our family and friends along to our Flanagans gig. I was surprised and stunned when Nik begun strumming his guitar singing these words to the song he'd written...

Baby, you know how I feel
The Love between us is more than real
Kindred, is how we describe
The feeling that makes us more than alive
And now, I sing this song to you
So that you know my feelings are true
The question, I know I've been slow
But now I'm ready and I'm gonna propose..
Will you marry me now?
And be my wife,
Will you marry me now?
Be my girl for my whole life
Marry me now, cause one plus one is better,
Please give me your vow, to love me for ever
My love for you, is stronger than ever
I will stay true, for the rest of my life
What ever we do, we do it together
Seeing it through, to the after life


Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008

The Planning

We decided on an Adelaide wedding and allowed 15 months to plan our dream wedding. The first thing we did was book our wedding celebrant Rob Thomas. We then wrote out a list of potential Photographers, Videographers, Venues and Decorators that appealed to us. Before setting our wedding date we spent one week in Adelaide choosing and meeting our wedding suppliers in person viewing their work and ensuring their suitability. It was important to us to have wedding suppliers that "zigged with our zag" who'd serve only our best interests with personalities to compliment ours. I think this is a really important aspect which couples tend to over look when planning their weddings. Finally we designed and sent out our invitations along with our "Wedding Newsletter" which detailed everything guests needed to know (especially our interstate travelers), including accommodation, maps and sightseeing ideas.

Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008

Our Wedding Day

I got ready within the beautiful heritage "Vale House" located alongside the River Torrens. It's unique character was ideal for photographs. I'm a Makeup Artist so I did my own makeup. Nik started the day at his father's place in Marino. A silver limousine escorted me, dad and the bridesmaids to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for the ceremony. My dad John Bremner accompanied me down the lush pink and white rose petal carpet along the picturesque lakeside. Guests enjoyed the sounds of a harp as they awaited my arrival seated on Americana chairs with pink sashes.

I wore a one off Maggie Sottero strapless gown with a sweet heart neck line, accented with pink and clear Swarovski crystals. My gown featured pink organza over white satin which swept across my waist creating a fluted side cascade, and a corset back.

We wrote our own ceremony and vows, incorporating a "sand ceremony" in which our family participated, pouring pink and white sand into our heart shaped decanter. Our guests later showered us in celebration with pink and white rose petals. Post ceremony refreshments were enjoyed in the Gardens and photographs were taken before heading onto Henley Beach for further shots.

The song "I like the way you move" razzed our 66 cheering guests as we bounced into our reception room at the National Wine Centre which was beautifully decorated, white covers fitted to each chair complete with pink sashes. The table centerpieces featured a large Martini Glass with orchids and candles floating in baby pink water. We made our own place cards which doubled as keepsake bookmarks, they rested inside each wine glass. Our cake topper and bombonierie were impressive miniature versions of us! We also had wedding themed napkins and toilet paper! "Nik and Julianne" trivia questions rested on each table with our MC revealing answers through out the evening. Further entertainment was provided by a Jazz Guitarist and Double Bass player followed by a performance of our own song which we'd written together especially for our wedding!

We honeymooned in Cape Tribulation Queensland, Port Douglas and Cairns concluding with a trip along the Great Ocean Road VIC. Our wedding was incredible; I want to do it all over again!

Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008 Bride of the Year 2008