Bride of the Year 2022 Winner
Megan Rees, Bride of the Year 2022


Megan Rees from ACT,
married 16 Ocotber 2021


Bride of the Year 2022 - Winner

There were twenty two fabulous finalists in the 2022 Bride of the Year Competition, True Bride's twenty-second annual competition. Each of the twenty two entrants had become finalists from hundreds of contestants throughout the year, each deserving a chance to win. But there can only be one winner and in the end Megan Rees received the highest amount of votes, and was crowned 'Bride of the Year' 2022. Congratulations Megan!

Megan's Competition Experience

I came across the competition on social media and noticed that it was a page I had followed and ‘liked’ multiple wedding photos on for a while. When I saw that there was an opportunity to re-live my wedding day, I jumped on the opportunity and entered. My favourite part was picking the pictures to enter with. I got to re-visit our amazing photos from our even more amazing photographer – Sarah from Essjay Photography. She sure made it hard to pick just a few!

 I also enjoyed sharing our special day on social media as we didn’t get to share our day with many people in person due to Covid, so it was nice to be able to show our nearest and dearest some photos and share some information about our day.

Megan and Grant Rees Megan and Grant Rees


The competition absolutely helped me relive my wedding day. It was a little while later after our wedding and it was nice to revisit all the photos and reflect upon our engagement and wedding. Both of which are still two of my most favourite days ever.  I had a lot of support from friends and family who were happy to vote for me and share the page on their social media to try and get a few more votes for me.


Megan and Grant Rees Megan and Grant Rees


I had been hopeful that I would win after seeing the support from family, friends and those from our local community. When the competition closed in March, and it was towards the end of May, I had accepted that another of the beautiful brides must have won the competition. My mum would message me almost every day asking, “have you heard anything?” and every now and then I would get friends messaging asking if I had won. I ended up saying ‘No, I mustn’t have quite a few times.


Megan and Grant Rees Megan and Grant Rees


When I got the phone call, I was walking around my local supermarket after my husband called me to try and find something for dinner. I was in the chocolate aisle grabbing some treats when an unfamiliar number called and although I am not one to answer numbers I do not know, something made me answer and I am very glad I did. The caller introduced herself as True Bride and said she was just providing a competition update. Then she said “I am calling to tell you that you won!” I nearly fell over with my shopping basket! I was so thrilled, overwhelmed, shocked, excited, all the feels!! We chatted for 10 minutes or so, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and when I got off the phone, I couldn’t think properly. I forgot what I was even in Woolworths, so I went through the checkouts with my chocolate treats then quickly drove home. Without anything for dinner!


Megan and Grant Rees Megan and Grant Rees


My mum was the first person I rang! I had just got off the phone to her before I walked into the shops, and she had said to call her when I got home so she could see her grandson. But Mum would text me almost every day asking for an update on the competition so I figured she would be the one most happy to hear it. I knew I would see my husband as soon as I got home from the groceries, so I called her soon as I got off the phone to the competition manager and she answered with a “yes?” as I had just hung up the phone and I just blurted out “I WON THE BRIDE OF THE YEAR COMP!!” I got a few funny looks from fellow shoppers, but mum was like “I knew you would!!!” and was the most excited she has ever been although she said she never doubted me.


Megan and Grant Rees Megan and Grant Rees


I parked my car in the driveway and ran inside saying “I won the bride of the year!!” Grant thought I was stirring. I again said “No! I did! I won!! I won the bride of the year!”. When he realised I was serious, he was ecstatic and I think, just as shocked. He was really proud of me for putting myself out there. After he congratulated me and the excitement settled, he asked, “So, what did you come up with for dinner then?” and I had to say “Well…, I didn’t get anything for dinner because I couldn’t think straight but I have some Maltesers and Strawberry Freddos!” He laughed and said ‘Dinner of champions! Champion Brides!” and then we went and got take away to celebrate!


Megan and Grant Rees Megan and Grant Rees


I then rang my sister who was in the shower (and rudely interrupted her testing her new shampoo and conditioner) but she was very excited. I then rang one of my best friends who I had been joking with for the few months after the competition closed. Whenever there was a private number calling, I would answer – hoping it was ‘the’ call. She knows how much I don’t like talking on the phone to people I don’t know so would often ring on a private and get me answering in my best phone voice. So, I thought she would love to hear that I actually did get ‘the’ call! She was still at work but was, as always, super happy for me. Then, I sent a message to a few of my close friends when I got home, who all shared in my excitement. It was such a lovely afternoon!!!

I feel super excited to have been crowned ‘Bride of the Year’ 2022. I am still shocked as there were SO many beautiful brides who were of course all very deserving too. I feel very lucky that I had so much love and support and people who were backing me.


Megan and Grant Rees Megan and Grant Rees


I am a school teacher and when I was able to share the link to vote, I put a note in our staffroom. I tried to muster as many votes as I could from the many staff in our school who then shared it with their friends. I then shared it on my social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) a TONNE and probably bombarded them, but in the end, it paid off.

I also really took advantage of the social media world we live in and shared my page on our town community Facebook group. Being the only entrant from the ACT I asked for support from fellow Canberrans and as we could see who voted for us and our vote count, I was honestly so grateful for the support from people who knew me well and people who wanted to support a local.


Megan and Grant Rees Megan and Grant Rees


My husband and I are saving to buy a bigger home. We will definitely be putting the prize money towards that deposit to give our little boy the life we want to give him and buy a bigger house with some land at the end of this year.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter such a wonderful competition. I am proud to be able to share the business’ who helped make our day so special and think it is such a great way to spread all the love!


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Wedding Suppliers used by Megan include:


Wedding Photography : Essjay Photography

Wedding Celebrant : Celebrations by Kate

Wedding Makeup : Willablue Beauty Forbes

Wedding Dress : Affordable Bridal