True Bride, home to the Bride of the Year competition - a tribute to all Australian brides. True Bride launched the first ever national Bride of the Year competition in 2001. Our Bride of the Year competition has been online for over twenty years. Support our Bride of the Year entrants, click on their image to vote. Find out more about our Bride of the Year Competition.

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Symone Latham WA

Karina Dickey WA

Shannon Mason NSW

Danielle Pollington TAS

Taylah Palmer TAS

Hannah Marabini QLD

Chiara Simmons-Bliss QLD

Lucy Davey TAS

Georgia Buchan WA

Kaylee Maine TAS

Theresa Smith SA

Gracey Schreiber QLD

Rachel Davidson VIC

Sarah Kraft NSW

Julia Hargreave NSW

Kerryn Finnis SA

Cristie Cragg TAS

Emily Hobson NSW

Grace McInnes VIC

Haylee Elliott NSW

Grace Ridge NSW

Jill Simmons QLD

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