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Kelly and Denny

Saturday, 31 March 2018

The Romance

Denny and I first laid eyes on each when we were both on a night out with friends. We met back in 2006 and it was love at first sight. Denny came up and started talking to me and I just remember how great his teeth looked haha. I was absolutely besotted with him and couldn’t believe my luck.

We met in 2006 when I was a single mother with my first beautiful daughter Zoe, and haven’t been apart since. We moved in together after a year and a half then in 2012 welcomed our second daughter Stella to our little family and completing it. Denny and I are very much in love and still hold hands when we sit on the couch together at night, even after 12 years together.

Kelly and Denny Bakes-Maynel   Kelly and Denny Bakes-Maynel

The Proposal

I knew right off. Denny organised a cute beach picnic for me and Zoe on our first Valentine’s Day together and when he got both me and Zoe a rose I knew he was a keeper. Every year on Valentine’s Day he still sends me, Zoe and Stella red roses. It was on our little family holiday to Queensland in 2016 (10 years together haha) that Denny FINALLY proposed! It Was so funny. We went for a family walk at the place we were staying and he was super weird and nervous. We walked to an opening in this little creek where there were about 1000 bats, it was really crazy. On the way there, our youngest fell over and was sooking, our eldest was sooking over the bats and Denny was being strange (obviously nerves) So I walked over to a clearing in the dam to have some peace (it was stunning) and then Denny came over and gave me a huge hug and told me how much he loved me then got on one knee and asked if I would marry him. Our girls ran over and we all cried like idiots! I love how it wasn’t perfect, it’s us and it was MY perfect.


Kelly and Denny Bakes-Maynel   Kelly and Denny Bakes-Maynel

The Planning

We had 18 months to organise the wedding. I had lots of friends and family to help when I needed. I did however plan and organise most of it myself until the last couple of months when I got a few people to help out which was amazing! No clashing, pretty happy and straight forward so no funny stories there. My bridesmaids were fabulous and so was my Mum and mother in law.

The Wedding Day

I got ready with my bridesmaids, our daughters and my mum and for some of it, my mother-in-law. It was just so much fun. We woke up and I gave them all gifts. Our hair and makeup people arrived and so did our breakfast catering. It was a gorgeous, HUGE house right on the beach where us girls got ready. My dad arrived also to get ready with us and he was so happy.

The boys got ready at another beach house right down the road from us. We were both so relaxed and chilled out and ready for our day to finally be here.


The Ceremony

Our wedding ceremony took place on the grounds at Sandridge estate in boat harbour Tasmania. It was a romantic, rustic/barn style wedding with all of the people we love. It was perfect! I walked down the aisle to James Authurs - say you won’t let go - I had my niece walk first, followed by 2 close friends, then my sister and then our gorgeous girls holding hands along with my little nephew and then my mum and dad both walked me down the aisle. It was so happy, some tears (happy of course) but everyone was just so relaxed and cheerful.


Kelly and Denny Bakes-Maynel   Kelly and Denny Bakes-Maynel

The Reception

THE BEST EVER!! It was held in a huge barn on the 500 acre property where we had our ceremony. We had our ceremony and then headed up to another section of the property to play lawn games and share in a huge grazing table. After we went to have photos we were then welcomed in as a couple to our reception. We had ten tables of 10-11 people (including the bridal table) then each table sat and were served a feast style meal right in the centre of the table. I made our wedding cakes (all 7 cakes) and they were incredible to look at and were our dessert. It was simply the best day I could have ever wished for and so grateful to have had such an amazing day.


Kelly and Denny Bakes-Maynel   Kelly and Denny Bakes-Maynel


The Honeymoon

We didn’t have a honeymoon but we had a weekend away. We are lucky enough to have 2 beautiful girls and they are our priority. We would love to be able to travel to England to have a couple of weeks together but it will take time for us to save up. We are happy to wait until that day comes.

Wedding Advice ...

Just remember to stay calm. Remember you don’t want to look back on your wedding day to only remember stress and anxiety so what will be will be and if the flowers aren’t right or the maids forget their earrings etc, does it really matter?? Nope, I figured as long as my husband is there waiting for me, nothing else matters.

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