A long time in the making

David Gibellini & Laura Favaro

Married Saturday, 11 August 2001

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

David and I started going out on the 24th of February 1990. We knew each other through mutual school friends, although we did not go to the same school. In August 2000, after ten and half years of dating, David took me to Lemonade Cottages in Lorne for a romantic weekend away which was just glorious.

Although I knew he had already purchased my ring (some three months prior) I did not think he was going to propose then. When he did, I was surprised to the say the least, but of course said yes!

We decided to set the date one year from when David proposed so this gave us twelve months to arrange the wedding (and we needed every minute of it!). We set the date for the 11th of August 2001. We decided to have a formal wedding and once we had put the guest list together, realised it was not only going to be formal, but a large wedding with 320 guests!

Whilst planning and arranging our wedding we also took on another project, renovating our house. Trying to manage both of these 'full time' projects did become quite stressful at times.

We were married at Sacred Heart Church in Bell St., Preston (Victoria). We chose this church because my parents had been married there 35 years earlier, consequently it held some of my family history, which was important to me. We had a full mass service, which took around an hour. Our reception was held at The International of Brighton in Bay Street, where the meals and service were just brilliant.

We had decided on a European summer honeymoon so had set our wedding date for the middle of a Melbourne winter and prepared ourselves for a cold and wet day. Although the day was by no means a warm day, the weather reached about 16 degrees and lightly rained for a only very short time. We were very lucky, as we had expected a whole lot worse for August!

David was a very emotional groom and I was an ecstatic bride. I could not believe we had finally made it to the altar after so many years! Many of our friends and guests commented that they had never seen a bride smile so much.

We were very lucky in that we had a large amount of help from our family and friends, making the day run smoothly. My brother, aunt and cousin came from overseas to attend our wedding - that would have to be one of the most memorable parts of the day. Also, my brothers did a bit of a floorshow on the dance floor, which people are still talking about. It was great!

My dress was one of the hardest things to arrange, as I could not quite decide whether or not I wanted it to be so 'untraditional'. However, the staff at Cappellazzo Couture were brilliant, as they helped me through this dilemma and in the end it was one of the best choices I made. Dressing the groomsmen, bless their socks, was the easiest task to arrange.

If I had my time again I would have a less formal wedding (and less people). The one regret of having such a large wedding is that you really don't get to spend any time with people. You are quickly saying hello to everyone and cannot have a conversation with them.

Our honeymoon was definitely a highlight. We travelled to an island off Singapore called BinTan for four nights where we lay by the pool and basically relaxed. We then flew to Paris and stayed there for two nights. We had no desire to see Paris and were convinced to stop over by our Travel Agent (who is a good friend). We were so happy that we went. Paris is an amazing city. We then spent five wonderful weeks in Italy. Travelling from Venice to Abruzzo, Capri to Florence, and Rome to Sardegna. It was beautiful. We both had family over there and were able to spend some time with them.

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