A Real Sweetheart

Sarah and Brady

Saturday, 16 November 2019

The Romance

Brady and I first met in 2009 at the Boxing Day races whilst we were both still in our teenage years. We both knew one another from “myspace”, but officially met in the flesh this fateful day.

When I was 15 years old I thought the best way to capture the attention of this beau was………well……..to kick a coke can at him. It worked !!!! Brady turned to see who his assailant was and little did we know at the time that 10 years later, we would have stood before our most treasured family and friends becoming husband and wife.

We were drawn to each other from that first moment. Brady’s thoughts of Sarah was that she was easy going, pretty good looking and he didn’t mind the fact she played “hard to get”. Sarah liked Brady’s "bad boy persona" but soon realised what a teddy bear he was at heart. He was tall, dark and handsome and the fact he had a car and a licence definitely helped.

During the following year however, I put Brady into the “friend zone”. Brady wasn’t satisfied with this category and persisted in asking me out. After the third request, I finally answered yes.

The strong friendship that Brady and I enjoyed soon escalated into love. I soon realised I had found myself a real sweetheart. Someone who was kind, funny and cute, and who blended in with my family so easily.

Sarah and Brady Williams   Sarah and Brady Williams

The Proposal

Fast forward to the year 2019 and we decided to take a road trip to Bathurst. Both being fans of car racing, we couldn’t wait to take a few laps around Mount Panorama. We checked into a cheap hotel and the following day took to the Mountain. After burning up many laps, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for an evening out. After a quick shower and spruce up, we headed back down to the car agreeing to cut another quick lap before dinner. Brady had the grand plan of proposing that evening but had not had the opportunity to retrieve the ring from his bag.

"Sarah, stay here" he said. "I’ve forgotten my wallet". Brady said, but I quickly said “Oh that’s OK, Brady, as I have mine” but Brady convinced me that he also required his licence. Heading back to the room, he wasn’t alone – I followed. Noticing, of course, his wallet was not there, I remembered it was left in the car earlier. So, heading back down to the car again, Brady says “Oh, I just need to go to the toilet” and once again, heads into their room. Just like a shadow, I again was only a foot or so behind him. Brady pretty much shut the door in my face and left me outside. Continuing with his mission, Brady had to do the pretend flush, and finally pocketed the ring.

His plan was finally underway. Undertaking another lap, we pulled over at Brocky’s skyline at the top of the mountain to view the bright city lights. We got out of the car. It was freezing cold. Brady was just about to pop the question when another car pulled up beside us. The moment was gone. So back into the car we got and completed another lap where Brady hoped the other car would be gone by the time we got back. His hopes were dashed – it was still there. He couldn’t wait any longer and suggested we get out of the car a second time but I refused saying it was far too cold. He convinced me by pointing out that I had not stepped onto the actual track – an experience one should not overlook and should totally embrace.

So over to the edge to look over the city we went. I couldn’t bear the cold any longer and said I was heading back to the car. Brady pulled me close into a warm hug. I went to place my hands in his pockets searching for warmth, but of course, warmth is not what I would’ve found. By way of diversion, Brady dropped to one knee and said “Sarah Louise Kent, will you marry me ? "my answer was "oh my god" at least seven times during which a sparkly ring was slipped onto my finger. It was so dark, however, I had to wait until a car drove past so I could hold up my hand and see the sparkle in the headlights.

Plans for a pub dinner that night were then thrown out the window and dressed in our car racing jumpers, we headed to a fine dining venue and celebrated this exciting moment amongst diners dressed in black tie attire.

Sarah and Brady Williams   Sarah and Brady Williams

The Planning

It was fairly cruisy planning our wedding day. We found our dream wedding venue in Granya in Victoria at the Wool Press. The first and only wedding venue we visited, falling in love with it instantly. We got engaged in June and began to plan our engagement party which we had in October. Between that time we had found our venue and had locked in the main things - celebrant, venue, makeup, hair, photographer and videographer, as well as in the middle of organising our caterer and cake. We had the support from our families and friends who would be there to offer any advice and made the process of planning so enjoyable.

Sarah and Brady Williams   Sarah and Brady Williams

The Wedding Day

A beautiful Spring day! We had had some scorching hot days, days before our wedding and also some days where it was soo cold and windy. We were blessed with a perfect overcast day with the sun popping through and a beautiful 25 degrees. I got ready with my bridesmaids and mum at an Air Bnb in Granya, about 20 minutes from the venue and Brady and the groomsmen stayed at our house the night before and got ready together the wedding morning. The morning was so relaxed, and flowed so naturally, my makeup artist and hair stylists were amazing getting all the girls ready and looking beautiful! My dad, came too to get ready and see me get ready and my grandpa and uncle came to pick us up in their beautiful wedding cars to take me and my bride tribe to the wedding venue.

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was held under the shade of a beautiful big gum tree in the middle of a grassy paddock that backed onto the beautiful waterfront of Lake Hume. My florist had brought my vision to life with a beautiful floral arrangement on our arbour under which we stood as we said our vows and got married. We had two musicians playing music and they sang as we walked down the aisle. It was perfect.

Sarah and Brady Williams   Sarah and Brady Williams

The Reception

The Wool Press Granya is an old rustic sheering shed that has been done up as a wedding venue, complete with a kitchen, bar and toilets. We decorated the reception area with beautiful fairy lights filling the room and deck area. We added greenery along the beams across the roof and a big wagon wheel chandelier that hung in the middle of the room. We had our musicians all set up, and our bridal table at the front of the room with a huge space for the dance floor. Guests sat at long tables decorated with floral arrangements, candles, fairy lights and greenery. I made personalised cookies for each guest which were used an alternative to place card. The room felt so full of love! And truely so magical.

The Honeymoon

We went to Bali for our honeymoon. All we wanted to to was sit back and relax and that’s what we did! We had a beautiful villa and private pool. And enjoyed many cocktails and beach days. It was perfect.

Wedding Advice ...

Be in the moment. It goes far too quick! It’s your day!


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