A team to be reckoned with!

Sarah and Blake

Married Saturday, 08 October 2016

The Romance

Blake and I met in High School and stayed friends. We were both in long term relationships. After our relationships ended we were each other’s support. I helped Blake, who was a single father raising a 2 year old and running his own business. Blake helped me while I was going through a very tough time with my health. I had just been listed for a double lung transplant and my health was declining fast. I got called for transplant in September 2013 and from that point on we were inseparable.

Having to live in Brisbane meant Blake was flying to and from Cairns very often. Since transplant we have overcome obstacles other couples our age would never dream of facing. I now have Diabetes, Kidney failure and am about to undergo a Hysterectomy meaning we can have no children together. Luckily I have an amazing relationship with his seven year old.

Bride & Groom, Sarah & Blake Sexton   Bride & Groom, Sarah & Blake Sexton

The Proposal

Together we are a team to be reckoned with. We run a successful electrical business, I work casual in a medical centre. A job, which I love after not being able to work for years, raise a beautiful little boy & enjoy every moment life, has given us extra, There was never a moment. We just knew. Neither of us wanted marriage previously but together, we wanted it all. I looked into my future & wanted him beside me through everything. There wasn't a moment of wanting him, there was knowing that I never wanted to be without him.

Bride, Mel's wedding dress and purple shoes   Bride Mel Jeffries, with her Father

The Planning

Our wedding organization went rather smoothly. I wasn't overly fussy & just wanted to go with the flow, knowing that stress would make me sick. We had a slight drama when our original venue sold on us but it turned out even better where we ended up having it.

Bride &p Groom, Sarah & Blake Sexton   Groom, Tim Jeffries with his groomsmen

The Wedding Day

It was a gorgeous sunny Cairns day. I hired a house for the Bridesmaids, who are my four cousins. The boys got ready at one of the groomsmen's houses.

The Ceremony

We didn't see each other before our ceremony. Neither of us was nervous, we just wanted to be married and get to the ceremony to party. We had 120 of our friends & family members; Our ceremony was on Kewarra Beach. I had 2 friends doing the music, both happen to be professional singers. They sang Kate Miller Heidke's Space they cannot touch. My cousin who was also a bridesmaid, did all the decorations.

Unfortunately Blake had been sick all week, standing in the sun made him worse. He fainted twice during the ceremony. Ironically I had spent the lead up thinking I would be the sick one & Blake was!

Bride & Groom, Sarah & Blake Sexton   Bride & Groom, Sarah & Blake Sexton, wedding flowers

The Reception

Reception was held over the water at Yorkeys Knob Boat Club. It was out of this world. Better than I ever could have dreamed of. We all danced all night. The Nutbush, The Time warp.... we did it all!

Bride & Groom, Sarah & Blake Sexton with wedding guests   Wedding rings

The Honeymoon

Our honeymoon was spent in Perth. We are unable to travel too far due to Travel Insurance being very expensive for me. WA was beautiful. The beaches pristine and gorgeous vineyards. We left Blake’s little boy with a friend who text to tell us he wasn't allowed on the Honeymoon as that’s where we go to kiss & do romance.

Wedding Advice ...

please don't stress. At the end of the day, if you are married to the person you love, whatever goes wrong will never matter.

Most memorable

Blake fainting would have to be the stand out event. Making it a wedding no one will forget too easily. Dancing with all my family & having them together in one place made it unforgettable.

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