A trip down the Aisle

Scott & Nikki Clark

Married Saturday, 23 November 2002

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

We are both nurses and first met at work, but at the time I was dating someone else. One evening, I bumped into Scott at a club and he tried to hit on me but my boyfriend at the time was a bouncer there, so I quickly introduced him to my best friend, but this only lasted one night. Shortly after this he moved back home and I didn't see him for a while.

Three months later he came back to work with me. We soon fell in love and the rest is history. He proposed to me on the beach in Merimbula, on New Years Eve 1999. I was dressed in my mum's tracksuit and felt miserable with the flu. It was a cold and cloudy day, but amazingly as soon as Scott proposed the sun came out, and I had never felt so good.

We had just over a year to prepare everything, which was great, we did not get stressed out, and everything went smoothly. (Although when we went to book our ceremony and reception venue they could only offer us two dates as the rest of the year was already booked out. Perhaps even 12 months is not enough?)

I had always wanted a small, intimate wedding, as I come from a very small family. Scott on the other hand comes from a large close family, so we had to work hard in order to keep the numbers down and at the same time invite everyone we wanted there. We ended up with eighty guests.

The day started at 7am, although the wedding was not until 4.30pm. The girls and I stayed in a large room at the resort, with the beds that fold up into the wall to allow even more room. We had our hair done, and then makeup, we all got dressed, and looked beautiful.

Whilst we were getting ready, there was a very tense moment when one of my bridesmaid's put her dress on and we heard what sounded like a rip, and the bodice came apart. The girls we so good about it, I was ready to sew her into it, but thankfully it was only the zipper that had unthreaded and was easily fixed.

I was not as nervous as I thought I would be, and did not let out a tear until my bridesmaid put my veil over my face.

Our ceremony was in the garden at the Apollo Resort at Wamberal, on the Central Coast. When I looked down the aisle and saw Scott, my soon to be husband, I just wanted to run down to him, he looked so gorgeous. Instead I looked down, and then nearly tripped over my gown - I knew I had my mum and dad give me away for a reason. Thankfully they held me upright.

We had a fantastic Celebrant who relieved the pressure of it all and made us laugh. Scott and I wrote our own Ceremony, which just made it very personal.

We then had photos on the beach, and returned to a great reception. It was held in the Olympus Room at the Apollo Resort, it was great to have it in the same area as the ceremony, as it made it easier for visitors to the area, and no one had to travel.

It was elegant but simple, we did our own place cards and centrepieces, which were vases filled with shells and rocks, water and a floating candle with raffia tied around it. We gave these away as a gift to those who really helped us. The food was lovely, we had great company and wonderful music. The whole day was just wonderful, there was nothing better than being made into a princess and smiling all day!

Scott and I said from the beginning "we don't want to look back and wish we had done it better...lets get it right the first time". We spent a little more money than we thought, but it was still within our budget. We wanted it to be perfect on the day and perfect when looking back 10 years on.

We had the best honeymoon in Fiji, we relaxed and stayed in three different resorts and just spent time together. It is great to end a fantastic wedding with a great honeymoon, you need that time to look back and smile before going back to reality.

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