A True Gentleman

Gabriella and Peter

Sunday, 12 Nov 2017

The Romance

One night out in Northbridge, Peter approached me and started talking to me, asking me my name and where I was from. The first thing I noticed about him was that he had a beautiful smile and I could feel he was a genuine guy. Peter later confessed he felt very shy, even though he has an outgoing personality but that night he thought, that woman is out of my league. Once he started talking to me he could see I was very humble and this made him feel very comfortable. That night we even sang a song together as they had karaoke on. We both sang and danced together, it felt so natural as if we already knew each other.

We knew we wanted to see one another again so we fixed another date and Peter brought me to Kings park one evening to see the beautiful view up there. Not soon after I had to go to work in Melbourne for a week he asked if he could join me there too, we had such a wonderful time exploring the city. I was amazed of what a gentleman he was, opening up the door for me, spoiling me, giving me his jacket when I felt cold. I've felt like a princess from the day I met him. I knew Peter was the one from the feeling I got when I was around him. He made me feel happy and at ease. Even when I went to live in Broome for 2.5 years we never gave up on each other. We got through every hard moment supporting one another.

Gabriella and Peter Nguyen   Gabriella and Peter Nguyen

The Proposal

I knew I wanted a man like that in my life. He knew I was the one for him and he decided to propose in a magical place up North. He booked a villa at the Kooljaman resort at Cape Leveque. A beautiful part of the coastline dominated by spectacular Pindan cliffs. It is a remote paradise offering a quiet place, what better place to propose?? :-)

He had organised an excursion to go and watch the sunset on a boat. We prepared a picnic to bring on board. I felt like something was going on as he looked a bit suspicious he wanted to go and collect the tickets at reception and asked me to wait in the car (Just so he could let the staff know what would happen on board). After about 15 mins on the boat he got down on one knee and asked me to spend every day of my life with him. To be his wife. I was so overjoyed and of course I said YES!


Gabriella and Peter Nguyen   Gabriella and Peter Nguyen

The Planning

We planned the wedding while I was still living and working in Broome. I got my PR there so I had to stay on even though we missed each other terribly. Peter worked one week on and one week off. But even on that occasion we worked as a team and made it work. Peter attended some of the meetings and I would participate via webcam. Some weekends I even flew over to Perth and we would have a bunch of appointments I had made and we would attend them. We had lots of fun planning our wedding. Choosing what we liked best. We arranged everything in about a year. In the meanwhile my awesome parents and loving sister Chiara were organizing a reception party for us in Italy. I would define that wedding party breathtaking. It was beautiful, we celebrated that special moment with family and friends I hadn't seen in a long time in Italy. It was very emotional. I was so grateful for everyone there and for introducing my loving husband to everyone special to me.

My bridesmaid Eliana (Very close friend), came from Italy to Perth together with my parents,sister (matron of honor) and adorable nephew to celebrate this memorable day with us. They prepared our Bombonieres for us and came to the venue to help us organize everything. My dad went with Peter to take in his tux it was a nice moment for them together. Peter's best man and groomsman supported us by making sure everything went smoothly the day before the wedding.

The Wedding Day

The day of the wedding was a beautiful sunny day, it wasn't too hot, as I can remember the breeze as I walked down the aisle and my veil flew away :-) My caring friends Des and Sue were so very kind to lend us their apartment for 2 nights. I got ready there with my mum, sister and bridesmaid. We had a lovely evening, with a spectacular view of the Swan River. Peter got ready at a hotel in the city I had booked for him. He passed the evening chatting to my dad over a glass or two of whisky and then he went to his hotel room where he wrote his speech... The next day his best man, groomsman and 2 friends came to the hotel to help him get ready and to share this moment with him again sharing a glass or two.

We didn't see each other before the ceremony. Peter and I both bought each other gifts and wrote each other some heartwarming words. It was funny because we both had the idea to give the videographer the present to bring to each other. It was all a surprise on the day. I arrived to the ceremony 45 mins late because I got my hair pinned up and it's really long and thick so it took a long time but it looked stunning and everybody had to wait for the bride!


Gabriella and Peter Nguyen   Gabriella and Peter Nguyen


The Ceremony

In the car I felt anxious, I didn't really know what to expect. Before walking down the aisle I told my dad I felt scared and he said to hold on to his arm and everything would go well. Peter thought where is she? He said he never doubted that I wouldn't show up. He felt nervous. When he finally saw me walk down the aisle he cried with joy and we both felt very emotional. I had my dad, mum, sister, nephew, best friend and a few friends as I had only been in Australia for about 3 years, lots of my family and friends are in Italy. Instead Peter grew up here so he had lots of his family and friends at the wedding.

The ceremony was held in Perth, at the Heathcote Reserve. A splendid open air ceremony over looking the Swan River. We had a nice arch over us with stunning flowers. We had a MR&MRS sign and about 30 white chairs for our family and friends to sit at. As I walked down the aisle in my admirable dress the DJ played 'When you say nothing at all' by Ronan Keating. I love the lyrics and music to this song, I still get goose bumps when I hear it play. Our nephew on Peter's side was our ring boy he did a magnificent job bringing the rings to the best man. We had my very close friend Cristiana do one of our readings and Shayla, Peter's sister did the other reading. They both read beautifully. Peter and I later shared that we both felt like the room had faded and it was just us two standing there looking at each other and saying our significant vows. We felt relaxed and at ease.


The Reception

Our reception was in kings Park at Frasers. Lots of people came up to us letting us know how much they loved the ceremony, the food and the venue. We became pretty emotional during the speeches. Peter and myself both did a speech, it was perfect so real. Every word came from our hearts. My dad and sister did a speech too. They were like always so spontaneous and so many loving words towards us. We loved all the speeches so much that we still watch them numerous times on our wedding video. The bestman made us laugh lots with his one. We performed our first dance to Ed Sheeran 'Thinking out Loud' and Justin Timberlake 'My love'. Peter and I love music very much so it was fun having everybody dancing on the dance floor.


Gabriella and Peter Nguyen   Gabriella and Peter Nguyen


The Honeymoon

We had our honeymoon in my home country, Italy. Peter had never been to Europe. We stayed with my parents after the wonderful reception they held for us. We then went travelling around Italy in the car and train. We loved it, we went to Como, Milan, Switzerland, Venice, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Sienna, Rome.... We travelled lots. It was awesome, we saw so many amazing places and ate divine food. Yes Peter and I share the love of good food. We will never forget our honeymoon. Jumping on a gondola while having the gondolier sing Italian romantic songs for us. Peter surprised me by bringing me around Florence in a carriage with an energetic horse. We saw an extraordinary amount of art. Peter was blown away by Italy's culture and history. We shared many moments walking around discovering masterpieces. We had been spending so much of the previous year looking for discounted tickets just to see each other, on our honeymoon our traveling changed from trips to seeing each other to travelling together.


Wedding Advice ...

Just be yourselves, enjoy the moment and love one another. It's not just a wedding it's a marriage and it's an awesome trip,

I thought it was really respectful and lovely when Peter told me he called up my dad in Italy to ask for my hand in marriage before proposing to me. Peter and I are so easygoing. We loved our honeymoon because just as in life we go to fancy places, restaurants, hotels and then we will go to eat in a trattoria or sleep in a tent. I love the fact we adapt to anything because we are so carefree and have fun together as best friends and life time partners, as husband and wife.

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