Adorable Accent

Laurie and Miguel

Married Friday, 25 September 2015

The Romance

We met 9 years ago at work. I fell for his adorable accent and hilarious sense of humour. We got on like people who had known each other for years. Before we had even started dating we had a friend say that we acted like a married couple and neither of us would have expected to be that married couple for real 8 years later.

Bride, Lauren Pelizzon   Bride & Groom, Lauren Pelizzon & Miguel Oliveira

The Proposal

We had been together almost seven years when I came across this amazing ring in a store one day and said to him, when ever you propose, that's the ring I want, thinking it was just a funny comment to make. little did I know, he was back in that jewellery store the very next week getting me the ring of my dreams.

Bride, Lauren Pelizzon   Bride & Groom, Lauren Pelizzon & Miguel Oliveira

The Planning

We booked our venue about a year and a half out from the wedding. And most of the wedding plans went pretty smoothly. I actually found the process really fun and not stressful at all! I felt a little lost after the wedding was all over, as I didn't know what to do with myself anymore lol. I had four bridesmaids, my best friend from year 8, a friend I worked with for about 10 years, and my partners two little sisters. There were also four groomsmen, my partner’s best friend of twelve years, another close friend of 6 years, my brother and my cousin. The simplest thing was deciding the venue as I loved it so much, and by far the hardest thing to arrange was the guest list and seating plan! The only thing I would change would be getting some more photos of things that skip your mind on the day. There were disagreements on the guest list, but at the end of the day it was mine and my partners day and we were going to have who we wanted there not who other people wanted there.

The Wedding Day

I felt completely calm the whole day. The moment I walked down the aisle was a complete blur. The ceremony was beautiful and we each had our mums do a reading. The day just goes by so fast, but I loved every single moment of it.

Bride, Lauren Pelizzon   Bride & Groom, Lauren Pelizzon & Miguel Oliveira

The Ceremony

My ceremony was held on the River View Terrace at the Brisbane Power House. I had a beautiful white carpet and flower balls on pedestals lining the aisle. At the end of the aisle I had a white arch draped in white fabric with a chandelier in hanging in the middle and too large earns with white flowers on either side.

The Reception

Our reception was at Victoria Park Gold Complex in the Garden Marquee which I fell in love with the moment I saw it. The atmosphere of the venue is breath taking.

Bride, Lauren Pelizzon   Bride & Groom, Lauren Pelizzon & Miguel Oliveira

The Honeymoon

We stayed a few nights in Southbank after the wedding and were there for river fire. We then went to Maroochydore for a few nights to be there for our friend wedding, and then did a cruise up to the Whitsundays!

People say its supposed to be the best day of a girls life, and honestly it was. What they don't prepare you for a the post wedding blues when its all over and your back to everyday life before all the excitement and planning!

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