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Sophie and Dale

Saturday, 06 Oct 2018

The Romance

We met through a mutual friend, the lead singer of a band who actually played at our wedding and sang our wedding song for us for the first dance. My Husband always says that from the moment he saw me he knew I was going to be his wife one day and the mother of his children. It’s crazy to think that we have been together for 8 years, it only feels like a blink of an eye. We have a beautiful little girl together who is the apple of our eye. The first time I saw my husband hold our daughter I knew that was the moment I had been waiting for my whole life.

Sophie and Dale Slater   Sophie and Dale Slater

The Proposal

It was so unconventional! It definitely was not what my husband wanted. We went ring shopping and I found a ring that was exactly what I had been looking for, it was the perfect size and on sale and everything! We bought it that day! I was trying it on in the car on the way home, much to my husbands displeasure. He kept telling me I wasn’t allowed to have it until he “proposed”. At this stage we had been together 5 years, how much longer did a girl have to wait?! Anyway, I kept trying it on and watching it sparkle in the sun. Next thing you know I’m taking photos, loving it and than I put it on social media and said “I’m engaged”; and that’s how the “proposal” went.


Sophie and Dale Slater   Sophie and Dale Slater

The Planning

Planning our wedding was pretty stressful actually, I did the majority of it on my own. Calling, emailing and meeting with people here there and everywhere. I had allowed about a year to plan the whole thing out which I think is how much time you need. There wasn’t too much clashing with anyone, my sisters were a little tricky trying to convince to wear red which is my favourite colour. Towards the end of it I must admit with some things I did just say “just do whatever” but it all worked out! My favourite part was making my bouquet! It took so many hours and buttons, but it’s something I can give to my daughter one day.

The Wedding Day

It was overcast and a bit rainy on my wedding day which made me anxious due to the ceremony being outside but we did have a wet weather option. The day for me was full of every emotion! I didn’t get much sleep the night before, I was excited, nervous, scared, happy, haha everything! We were not going to see each other before the ceremony. My husband had his bucks night the night before and stayed at a hotel so I didn’t actually know if he was even alive, haha. I did try and call him at 7am but got no answer, tried again at 8:30am to tell him the photographer would be there at 10:30am and he sounded dusty to say the least.


Sophie and Dale Slater   Sophie and Dale Slater

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was pretty simple, just the standard “I do” part and than we had a little “sand ceremony” bit that included our daughter and was like the combining of the two families. There weren’t many decorations other than some photos of my Nan and Dales Pop whom we have lost. We had some music that we had chosen to play in the background to make it a little relaxed. Nothing too formal.

The Reception

Our Reception was held at the same location as the ceremony, it was a one stop shop. It was fantastic! The whole theme for our wedding was “Til Death do us Part”. For the favour boxes I had actually made little coffin shaped boxes all by hand and put lollies in them and did a wax seal. Everyone loved them! The Band was amazing “Fat Albert” we all danced until our feet hurt. The food was great, all in all it was just amazing!


Sophie and Dale Slater   Sophie and Dale Slater

The Honeymoon

Unfortunately we didn’t get a honeymoon. We saved and saved for the wedding and even with doing most of the stuff ourselves and saving costs that way we didn’t have much left over for a honeymoon. Hopefully one day in the not too distant future we can go on one, I’ve had some health issues come up in the last year that have put some strain on us emotionally and financially and it would be amazing to just let our hair down and forget about the stresses of life for a little bit, but for now we’ll just keep plodding along.

Wedding Advice ...

We loved our wedding and if we had our time again, we wouldn’t change a thing! Not even the fact that our daughter wouldn’t wear her special sparkly wedding shoes and had a tantrum and ended up wearing her old thongs! The day was magical and something I never want to forget! Advice for brides, don’t listen to other people. Prioritise yourself, if you want to wear a white dress or a black dress like I did, don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Be comfortable being you!


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