Bush Proposal

Colin & Deborah Forbutt

Married Saturday, 22 March 2003

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Colin and I met at a party my cousin held. He arrived at the party with an old friend of mine and so we were introduced. We hit it off instantly and spent the rest of the night talking, laughing and playing tennis in the moonlight. The next morning we said goodbye and went our separate ways, not knowing that a few hours later we would meet up again in our home town of Young.

Colin and I were close friends for five years before we became a couple. We both liked each other, but lived in different states (I was in Queensland, he was in the ACT) and never considered it would go any further than just good friends. We kept in close contact during that time, with weekly phone calls and the odd letter. Whenever I went to Canberra I stayed at his place and I even made a special trip down for his 21st birthday during which I had a severe bout of food poisoning, which meant that his 21st was spent taking me to the hospital and holding my hand while I was sick.

We had been a couple for three years when Colin proposed to me whilst we were on a bush walk up Mt Ainslie. We stopped at a clearing and were holding each other looking out at the view, when he started telling me how much he loved me and how he wanted us to be together for the rest of our lives. Then he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was an amazing moment. Of course, I said 'yes'.

From the time Colin proposed, we had 13 months to prepare. We were married in a small Catholic church in Hall, NSW. It was a beautiful old stone church surrounded by paddocks and hills and it made a beautiful backdrop to the day. The ceremony was simple, and with the guidance of our priest, we selected readings, blessings and gospels that were meaningful to our relationship and us.

Our wedding day was perfect. It was sunny, with just a slight breeze and both Colin and I both felt lucky to have our close friends and relatives by our sides as we said our vows.

Our reception was at the Hotel Kurrajong. We chose the Hotel because of its beautiful architecture and lovely landscaping. Because of the beauty of the Hotel, we didn't feel it needed a lot of decoration and so kept it fairly simple. The colours of our wedding were white, blue and silver, and we kept this theme at the reception, with silver and blue hellium balloons, fish bowls with blue rocks and goldfish as table centrepieces, blue organza biscuit bags, silver menus and silver heart sprinkles.

The whole day was a high, with both of us feeling tired, but extremely happy at the end of the day. For me there is not one moment that stands out over another, all my memories of our day bring a smile to my face.

Planning for our wedding day went very smoothly, which I think is partly because we had just over a year to organise things. Things became a little stressed at the end though, with Colin getting sick the Sunday before the wedding. He was so sick he fainted on his way to the bathroom and split his chin open (6 stitches). He was still very drained by the wedding day, but was well enough to enjoy the day.

My dress took the most amount of time to organise, with many dresses tired before I found the right one.

The simplest was the cake. Colin saw our cake at a bridal fair and took an instant liking to it. We ordered and paid for it in about 15 minutes.

For our honeymoon, Colin and I went to the Shangri-La Resort in Fiji. We went snorkelling on the reef, and went on a day trip to a traditional village, however, we mainly lazed by the pool or went for swims in the ocean. It was lovely to just spend time together by ourselves, talking about our future.


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