Stacey and Jack

Saturday, 27 February 2021

The Romance

We had met through mutual friends and had a bit of an interest in each other. But nothing ever came of it. Then a few years later we re-connected at an event we were both at and I was celebrating my 18th birthday and the sparks all flew back in. It was definitely right timing this time around. He sang brown eyed girl to me and we danced the night away together and then slowly started getting serious after that. It was definitely my favourite birthday of all time!!


Stacey and Jack Cummins   Stacey and Jack Cummins

The Proposal

Ever since I was little, my family have always gone camping to Port Arthur once a year. Eventually Jack started coming along and every year we have so much fun we love camping, fishing and the beach it’s a really special spot for us. So he was wanting to propose for a while but was just holding off until the right time. Last year as we do our regular pack up for camping head down and set up camp he had brought something extra with him. A few days in I saw a photo of blankets cushions and a platter someone had done down at the beach so I thought wow let’s do that so we packed all our stuff and off we went down to the beach and set up this beautiful little spot, where we had a few red wines and some nibbles. I had no idea but poor Jack was so stressed out, he had music playing on his phone and we were just chatting away. I invited my cousin to come join us for a drink which worked out perfect because she ended up filming the whole thing. So as I’m in my own little world our wedding song we wanted came on. I got up to start packing everything up turn around to see him on one knee asking me to marry him. After freaking out I said a big YES and then was on cloud 9 for weeks. It was super special because it’s our favourite beach.

The Planning

I love organising and helping out with all different events, baby showers, engagement party’s, birthdays I love it all. I had known for a while what I had wanted so it was easy to plan. We had so many people helping us along the way. We are actually so lucky to have our amazing family and friends!



Stacey and Jack Cummins   Stacey and Jack Cummins

The Wedding Day

It started off an over cast day, then got very sunny throughout the ceremony. Which got hard for some of the footage, then went back to overcast so we got some amazing photos. I had got an air bnb for the girls and the fellas all had a few beers that night then met at Jacks dads place in the morning to get ready.


Stacey and Jack Cummins   Stacey and Jack Cummins

The Ceremony

We left it all a surprise for the ceremony, Jack was excited but very anxious. I was super excited but as soon as I got there started getting nervous. We had all our beautiful family and friends there which we were so grateful for due to covid making that hard for some people., We got married in an olive grove which was beautiful, and we had made our own arch out of old tree branches. Decorated with some gum leaves and I threw some fabric over to give a draping affect. My little brother played guitar and his friend sang while guests were arriving.


Stacey and Jack Cummins   Stacey and Jack Cummins

The Reception

We had the ceremony and reception all in the same place. It was so beautiful. We had a food van and everyone just mingled. I would definitely get food of some sort to eat when the wedding is over, we went back to our room and I was starving.

The Honeymoon

We had a few days at home to get things organised. Then we went camping up the east coast of tassie for a week, definitely one of our most favourite weeks together.

Wedding Advice

Make sure you have a list of some sort to go off for family photos that always takes a while to do. Don’t drink to much wine and just enjoy every moment because it all happens so fast and you wished it went slower.


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