Casual Summer Wedding

Sam & Sarah Nelson

Married Saturday, 1 February 2001

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

We met when I was just 18 at my first job, but it took Sam eighteen months before he finally asked me out. We never looked back and then dated for the next six years!

In February 2000, Sam swept me away to the Barossa Valley, where he got down on one knee and produced a beautiful solitaire diamond ring to ask for my hand in marriage. What a romantic!

We decided we would get married the following year and had a little less than twelve months to organise and plan our Wedding. We both loved the country and the beach, which we wanted to tie into the day, so we decided on a simple, casual, summer wedding.

The first thing I bought for my outfit was my shoes. Coming from Adelaide, I was in Melbourne shopping when I found them and just had to have them. Then I had to get the rest of my outfit organised. I wanted cream beaded silk. Simple yet Sparkly! I had ordered the material from Melbourne, and it took three months for it to arrive from India, where it was all hand beaded. But once it arrived, it was worth the wait. My dress was beautiful - a dream!

Sam and I both had two attendants. Jane and Sally wore Aqua dresses, identical to mine (without the train). We all carried Frangipanis, which we also had scattered in our hair. Chris and Grant wore black Italian suits, matching Sam's.

Once we had selected the Reception Venue, and the Church everything else seemed to fall into place. We got married in a small country church, down the road from my parent's property and had the reception at the Cruising Yacht Club at North Haven, for our 100 guests. The venue overlooks a beautiful Marina. Most of the Guests headed straight there from the Church, where they had drinks on the lawn, before heading into the reception for dinner.

We had two group photos with our guests, one at the Church and another at the Reception. This way we can look back and can see everyone who was there.

On the Day the weather was beautiful, and the sun was shining. Not everything went exactly to plan, but nothing was spoilt. To us everything was Perfect! Most couples say their day flew, but ours seems to just float along and by the time our car arrived to take us away I was ready to leave.

I would love to do it all again, but wouldn't change a thing.

A few days after the wedding we headed to Mauritius for a two-week honeymoon. We arrived there on Valentines Day!

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