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Melissa and Jack

Saturday, 24 November 2019

The Romance

Jack and I met in 2012, I was working in Admin in a law firm in the city and he worked at the Magistrates court. Most days I would have to go in and hand in documents. Jack most of the time got my ticket number at the counter, we started chatting and getting to know each other more. One day I went in as usual, he handed me back my documents with a post it note on top with his number on it. We went out that weekend and nearly 8 years later have not left each other side.



Melissa and Jack Mainard   Melissa and Jack Mainard

The Proposal

Jack and I planned a weekend away with our friend and our daughter to Emma Gorge in Kununurra (where we lived at the time). Before going for our hike, we decided to check the markets out and the Diamond stall was there, I saw a ring there and jokingly showed it to Jack, thinking nothing of it. We left to go home and get packed for the weekend, Jack said he had to go to the shops, he took forever and unknowingly for Jack I was taking a pregnancy test as we had started trying for baby number 2. When he came back I told him I had a present for him, I handed him the positive test and said his present is going to take 9 months. it was such a happy moment for us and I didn’t even know I was about to be engaged.

We drove to Emma Gorge, and was half way top to the water fall when we stopped and had a rest, we were all sitting down next to a beautiful little creek bed when Jack asked me to stand up, his words were so beautiful, tears were running down my face and before I knew it he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. It was one of the best moments of my life!


Melissa and Jack Mainard   Melissa and Jack Mainard

The Planning

Our planning was very slow moving, we booked our venue and photographer nearly two years in advance. We just wanted plenty of time to organise everything especially when we lived away from Perth. The short trips when we did go down was jam packed with meetings to see the venue, catching up with our photographer, trying to find a wedding dress and make up trials, the rest I did remotely from Kununurra and Carnarvon when we moved here, everything went pretty smoothly.

The Wedding Day

Our wedding day went perfectly, not too hot (thank god) I got ready at the beautiful Braybrook BnB with my bridesmaids my mum and my little girls. Jack got ready at the Venue with his groomsman. We didn’t see each other before the ceremony, we wanted to be traditional in that way.

The Ceremony

I was so nervous only because I was scared I would trip or that the kids would go crazy thought the ceremony, but as soon as I walked down that aisle it all went away. Just seeing Jack knowing after 7 years and two kids he was finally going to be my husband, we were both so excited that we finally all had the same last name. We were very blessed to have all of our amazing friends and family, all my family live in Ireland and it’s a big family, so we are still planning to have a ceremony over there to celebrate with all of them. Our ceremony was held outside in a garden only a few meters away from our reception. We had it set out very simply, I walked down the aisle to a song called My Best friend. Our celebrant made our ceremony amazing, it was sop full of love and thoughtfulness, we had so many complements on our ceremony. It was definitely full of love!


Melissa and Jack Mainard   Melissa and Jack Mainard

The Reception

We had our reception in the same venue as the ceremony, we wanted a day on the green and that’s what our stylist Jess gave us. We had rugs and pillows on the floor, picnic tables scattered around, a few little games for people to play, and an awesome photobooth. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable, we didn’t do set seating, everyone mingled, our setting was perfect.


The Honeymoon

We haven’t had a proper honeymoon yet (that’s what happens when you have kids before marriage). We spent a lovely night at the Crown casino kid free thanks to my mum and cousin. We sat and relaxed by the pool with a few cocktails had a lovely lunch and ended with a fabulous dinner. We plan on going back to Ireland and having a family moon with our kids!


Wedding Advice ...

Dont stress, its your wedding no other opinions matter, do what you want, invite who you want and eat and drink what you want!


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