Down to Twenty

Piaata and David

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Wedding Suppliers used by this bride include:

Wedding Photography : George Bowden

Wedding Makeup : Erin Fedele

The Romance

Funny story, David was actually one of my brothers best friends so I only ever saw David as one of my "bros" and me his little "sis". Growing up in my teen years we spent a lot of time together at church or hanging out with him and my brother on weekends. In my final year of school we got the same job so worked together, then the following year we were both asked to be youth pastors together in our local church so were very heavily involved in each others worlds. A few years later we realised our "friendship" felt a little deeper than "bro and sis". We eventually "had the talk" and both expressed feelings for each other and never looked back after that.

The Proposal

Having such a strong foundation of friendships over many years, when we finally decided to date I knew he was the one. We were best friends. We knew every little thing about each other (good and bad). It didn't take long for him to pop the question. On our one year anniversary he planned a spa day, jet skiing and an unknown afternoon. He surprised me with a photoshoot, took me to a beautiful location in a field with fairy lights, rose petals and a picnic set up and got down on one knee.... I couldn't have said yes any quicker!

The Planning

Planning the wedding honestly couldn't have been any more exciting or easy for me. I'm obsessed with event planning so getting to organise the day I have always dreamt of was a dream come true and I loved it. All our family and friends were so generous and supportive we felt so blessed. We had an 8 month engagement and 2 weeks out of our wedding we went into lockdown from Covid. This was quite devastating, planning your dream day and having it shattered in the space of 5 minutes was horrible.

Long story short, Covid only allowed 20 people at our wedding so we just had our parents, siblings and bridal party attend. We feel blessed that we still got a wedding but definitely wished it could have been the day we had been planning for 8 months. Four weeks later we decided to have a big wedding celebration as restrictions lifted so all our family and friends came along and partied with us which was such a great memory.


Piaata and David Morris   Piaata and David Morris

The Wedding Day

Our wedding day was the most beautifully perfect day I could've asked for. The weather was stunning, everyone was happy and healthy. David and the boys got ready at his parents house and the girls and I got ready at my parents air bnb and before we knew it I was standing outside Tiffanys wedding chapel ready to see my soon to be groom.

The Ceremony

I was so nervous I felt sick but I was so excited and felt like a princess. The second the doors opened I saw David, he cried and all my nerves left after seeing his cute head. The ceremony was beautiful, our backdrop was a big glass window with the glass house mountains in the background - the photos are perfection!

The Reception

Sadly we couldn't have a wedding reception so instead we stayed in our wedding get up and went out to dinner at Mooloolaba Wharf at David and I's favourite Greek restaurant with our nearest and dearest.

If I could do it all again, i wouldn't get so caught up in the planning of the day. It is over so quickly and the day is about love and marrying the person of your dreams. Not about what colour name tags are or how straight a sign is.

The Honeymoon

Our honeymoon was the most relaxing, fun, adventurous 2 weeks of our life! We went to the Gold Coast and spent those 2 weeks eating way too much, whale watching, bike riding, relaxing and just enjoying each others company!

Wedding Advice

Don't put your identity into your wedding day. No matter what the day looks like, everyones going to enjoy it. Everyones going to love it. Everyones focus is the bride and groom and blessing and loving onto them. Don't get caught up on getting the most expensive or incredible flowers or wedding invitations in the world. Focus on the main thing and that's love.


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