Fairy Tale

Lauren and Lloyd

Thursday, 4 July 2019

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Wedding Destinations : Tirtha Bridal Uluwatu

Wedding Music & Entertainment : Lydia rose music

The Romance

I truly believe our love story is like a fairy-tale that every little girl dreams of and mine actually came true. To think we used to send cute homemade valentine day cards to one another when we were 7 years old, to a heart wrenching move to the other side of world breaking up the young loves, to keeping in touch over the next four years as pen pals, to a trip to England rekindling our forever love, to making a big move "down under" where the sparkly diamond ring was placed on the finger, to eventually the prince making his princess his queen. SURPRISE!

Who would have thought Lloyd could have kept a secret, organised & perfected such an amazing proposal for the girl that plans, organises and knows every little thing going on.  

Lauren and Lloyd Harrington   Lauren and Lloyd Harrington

The Proposal

Something out of a movie... stranded on the breathtaking Australian North Stradbroke Island surrounding by white sand, crystal clear water & a sunset of silky, smooth collusion of sky burst reds and yellows setting the idyllic romantic scene.  Stumbling across a perfectly set picnic, tasteful bottle of bubbles & Lloyd hitting jackpot with his proposal by secretly setting up a video from behind so we could watch on repeat for the next year of engagement bubble we lived in. 

Although Lloyd had perfected the perfect lines to say, he suffered with stage fright/exciting and out of the blue, popped down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. The SHOCK, EXCITEMENT & EMOTION rushed through my body and left me speechless.  From then on, the Face time started and we called all the most important people in our lives and opened the Face time to my stunning diamond ring sparkling against the gorgeous sunset. The love and excitement we received gave me goose bumps and we told our family and friends to get ready because we are getting married in BALI!

Lauren and Lloyd Harrington   Lauren and Lloyd Harrington

The Planning

Eighteen of the best most exciting months of our lives was in the lead up to the wedding. I adored 100% of the planning, organising and my dream wedding into a reality. I had a wedding planner who became a friend. She was there for advice, there for catch up, there with any problems and there to make all my dreams come true. Admittedly I totally fan girl over the sheer magical moment of the dreamy ceremony draped in florals, the pintrest perfect reception area with personal touches, the wedding dress of dreams from the sleeves to the back and finally the train and the romantic atmosphere.

Lauren and Lloyd Harrington   Lauren and Lloyd Harrington

The Wedding Day

Our entire day was this surreal, magnificent thing I would do all over again. But, if I have to highlight the best moment, it would have to be the moment the TAMBOURINES were handed to our guests during the reception. While the saxophonist played the perfect song (JUBEL) our guests began to tap away to the beat & when I didn’t think my smile could beam any bigger than it already was, our whole wedding party stood up & shook their tambourine, jumped around and from that moment, I knew it was the best day of my life. I looked to my husband and said “this is my dream come true.”

Lauren and Lloyd Harrington   Lauren and Lloyd Harrington

The Ceremony

We had our ceremony in the breathtaking glass chapel on the cliff edge of the picturesque Uluwatu in Bali. We chose songs that meant something to us all in an acoustic vibe. My bridesmaids walked down to “isn’t she lovey” & I walked down the aisle with my dad to “stand by me”. The atmosphere was memorable. From tears to laughters. From cheers to lost for words.


Lauren and Lloyd Harrington   Lauren and Lloyd Harrington

The Reception

As COCO Chanel said, "a girl should be two things, CLASSY & FABULOUS." However, staying classy and fabulous can be hard to achieve all the time and that’s why I decided that once the party finished & our 50 guest had drunk their way through the endless alcohol and added wear to the spectacular glass dance floor, it was a well deserved and unique idea to take a trip to MC DONALDS on the transfer back to the hotel. The wedding had gone from ........... to ....... but in all seriousness, this is exactly what everyone needed & captured how down to earth we really are & who does not love a BIG MAC & CHIPS after several tequila shots.

Definitely the best day of my life!

The Honeymoon

Bali - look out!


Lauren and Lloyd Harrington   Lauren and Lloyd Harrington

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