Cath and Ben Turner,
Married Saturday, 6 October 2007

Family Affair

I meet Ben when I used to catch his taxi to work everyday. I could tell from his shyness that he was a sweet guy but we were both too shy to talk. My best friend gave my mobile number to him and we started texting each other and clicked instantly. He proposed in my mum and dad's backyard.

We had 18 months to organise everything and with three children (two from previous relationship and one of our own) it was a struggle we needed lots of help from my mum and best friend and my sisters.

Wedding Stories
Wedding Stories
Wedding Stories
Wedding Stories

I woke up on the day feeling very calm it was a weird feeling. By the time I left the hairdressers I realised this was I was about to become Mrs Turner. My daughter who is 9 told me when we were getting dressed that this day was everything that I deserved which was a very emotional moment for me. Ben spent the morning watching car races on TV.

We had location errors. The park we were going to get married at was getting pulled apart so we had to find a new location 6 weeks before and had to ring all our guests to tell them. The ceremony was relaxed and comfortable with lots of laughter. I walked down a path to a backdrop of a vineyard with forever and ever amen by Randy Travis playing and my Dad was by my side. The ceremony was amazing

The reception was stunning with pink chocolate and gold theme. We made our own table decorations and my sister-in-law decorated the tables and my cupcakes. We had a live band and everyone was dancing the kids had a ball because we had a huge dance floor.

Nothing in this world could make it better I loved every minute of the day and would do it all over again.

We went on a family holiday/honeymoon to the central coast

The internet became my best friend as I used it for everything especially eBay and true bride.

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