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Jarrod & Deborah Cant

Married Friday, 8 November 2002

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Jarrod and I originally met about 15 years ago through his cousin Candice, who happened to be my best friend. We have a hilarious photo of us all, taken at Christmas lunch in 1988....complete with his pink shirt and my big 80's hair!

Many, many years later we ran into each other at Candice's 27th Birthday (I think she may have been playing a bit of cupid!), and that was it! We don't believe in love at first sight, but we certainly believe in fate! Jarrod proposed to me about 2 years later.

I worked in the Bridal Industry at the time, and neither of us was excited about planning a big wedding with all the frills! We had been engaged for almost a year when we finally decided to take the plunge and set a date - the circumstances following this decision will be in our memories forever.

We both wanted a small, intimate ceremony with our closest family and friends and agreed our dream wedding was to be held in Bali. We wanted to get in before the wet season and booked Monday 14th October 2002, we would fly in the Friday before to finalise the arrangements and have our hens/bucks night in Kuta on Saturday the 12th.

We were relieved to have finally made a decision and were now excited about our plans, although we only had about 10 weeks to get everything ready!

A few weeks later Jarrod was offered a terrific new job, a great opportunity he couldn't knock back, however accepting this position meant he wouldn't be able to take leave for the wedding!

We had to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel our wedding and make plans for an alternative date and venue, as it would have taken us into Bali's wet season.

It took a couple of months before we realised just how fortunate we were that our plans had to be changed. Our guardian Angel must have been looking over us, keeping us safe from the Bali bombings; once again fate was on our side.

After a crisis meeting with our Best Man and Woman we decided our next best option was to head "Down South" for a garden wedding and vineyard reception, in the Margaret River region.

The ceremony was held at Rivendell Gardens, a boutique vineyard in Yallingup with stunning gardens, wildflowers, birds and trees everywhere, there was no need for decorations, mother nature took care of that! It was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky and about 26 degrees. We set up white garden chairs and a 7m red carpet formed an aisle down the middle, against the green lawn this looked fabulous.

We used Enya's "Only time" for the procession across the lawn and down the aisle, which seemed to fit the setting just perfectly.

We had worked with our celebrant to create a very special ceremony, incorporating some traditional words, our own personal vows and some congregation vows, which was a commitment from our loved ones to us. Neither of us thought we would get through the vows, but we did very well. (Surprising, because I am a big sook!)

Most of the wedding was arranged via phone and email, and although Jarrod was working away for most of the planning we managed to pull it together within three months. We had similar ideas about what we wanted, and didn't really disagree on much, although Jarrod sometimes had to pull the purse strings in a bit!

Our Reception was held at Amberly Estate, which is only 2 minutes from Rivendell Gardens! We arranged for champagne and canapes to be served immediately following the ceremony, so our guests could mingle for a while before heading over to the Reception. This also helped them to fill in time while we went to Canal Rocks for our Photos.

Amberley is also a lovely setting and didn't need pretty-ing up. We decided just to have white linen tablecloths and candles on each table, fluffy chair covers and bows are definitely not our thing. The atmosphere was relaxed, like a big dinner party! The food amazing, the wine exquisite!

If I had to pick one highlight, it is without question when we took our vows (Jarrod might say his first Crownie!). But we were both so very happy just to be taking that step, he is the love of my life and it was wonderful to formalise this to each other, and our loved ones in such a lovely setting.

The most challenging thing to arrange was my make-up. I had a disastrous trial a couple of weeks before the day (I looked like Ozzy Osbourne), which left me very little time to find someone else! I was lucky enough to find a very talented make-up artist through the Salon I was having my hair done, had a trial the day before the wedding and she was wonderful! My Best woman looked stunning.

The easiest thing to arrange.... surprisingly enough, was my dress. Lynette, from Brides by Design was a magician! She knew exactly what would suit me in every way.... her honesty was refreshing and I just loved the end result. I felt comfortable, confident and beautiful, like every girl should.

Jarrod and I did have one disagreement with our plans, he was adamant that we were NOT having a videographer! Luckily I didn't listen to him and booked one anyway! It is so special to be able to sit down together and really 'experience' the day again. You miss so much, and the day goes so fast to have this special memento, is irreplaceable. I wouldn't advise the way I went about it, BOY was he mad at first! But now who's the one saying "Lets watch the wedding again???"

As Jarrod could not get time off, we had to delay our honeymoon for a few months. We are heading off for two weeks on 10th March, guess where we are going? ... of course we're off to Bali .... we will have a bintang for each of you!

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