First Date, First Love

Kellie and Kyle

Thursday, 8 August 2019

The Romance

Kyle and I were almost "high school sweethearts". We had started dating not long after I graduated from grade 12. We call our love "First date, first love".

Kyle drove up to the Tablelands where I lived and picked me up to take me for my first ever dinner date. He had arranged a table at waterfront dining on the Cairns Inlet followed by a walk along the water where he asked me to be his girlfriend.

For our first valentines day, only a month and a bit after becoming a couple, Kyle surprised me with a gold heart necklace which was engraved on the back "first date, first love". Not only did he surprise me with this, he had hidden it inside of my favorite dessert, chocolate Bavarian! I knew from that moment, he was a romantic!


Kellie and Kyle Mackie   Kellie and Kyle Mackie

The Proposal

For weeks Cairns had been experiencing torrential rain and Kyle and I were eager to get back outdoors with our little dog, Lucy. During our spare time, we really enjoy camping, visiting creeks, beaches and generally exploring.

I received a text message from Kyle one day suggesting we take Lucy out to the beach and have a fish and chip dinner on the beach as there was finally a break in the rain. I didn't think much of it and was so looking forward to some fresh air after work. We packed some beer, a beach towel and collected some fish and chips from the take away along the way. After dinner, we decided to take Lucy for a run up the beach and we were trying to catch the little beach crabs.

Kyle shouted "Look, I caught a crab!" I turned around and he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hands. I didn't even give him a moment to speak. I shouted "Yes!" and almost knocked him over with excitement. The sunset behind us really turned it on for the occasion, it was so romantic!


Kellie and Kyle Mackie   Kellie and Kyle Mackie

The Planning

When we engaged the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino, we were also provided with our own wedding planner. This made for an easy planing stage as we were provided with all of the tools, some recommendations and guided help along the way. There were definitely stressful days where Kyle was there to help me even just comfort me. Working full time and planning a wedding took its toll some days. Our wedding party were great for helping us out where needed, even if was just over pizza and dinner to sort finer details.

Unfortunately a few months prior to the big day, I had a falling out with one of the bridesmaids. Thankfully, I have some very understanding and lovely girlfriends and I could ask another to step in and help out, which actually turned our to be a better fit and a blessing in disguise!


Kellie and Kyle Mackie   Kellie and Kyle Mackie

The Wedding Day

Our wedding day could not have been more perfect if we wanted it to be. For days leading up to the big day, we had rain after rain after rain. I was nervous as our wedding was outdoors with a wet weather backup (but lets be real, no-one wants to use the backup, unless you don't have another option).

The night before the wedding Kyle stayed in our home with family and myself and the Bridesmaids stayed at a hotel/apartment in the city within walking distance from the Casino where our wedding was hosted. The night before, the girls and I went for dinner along with waterfront with some drinks and chilled out. It felt like a girls night, not a night before the biggest day of your life.

It was only the next day when my parents arrived and it was quiet and we were able to exchange words with one another that it really hit. My mum gifted to me a Sapphire and diamond ring which was passed down to her from her Nanna when she was Ill before passing. My mum and her discussed that when the time was right, this was to passed down to me. My Great Nanna and I shared the same birth stone, so this became my "something blue".

My dad brought me a beautiful gold dainty bracelet with diamonds set into it. He wanted me to have something that one day I can hopefully pass down to my own little girl. This was my "something new".

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was held at the top of the Reef Hotel Casino which is on their pool deck which overlooks the Inlet of Cairns. The song I had chosen to walk down the aisle to was "Iris- Acoustic" by Adam Christopher. I was fortunate to have my dad walk me down the aisle and give me away to my Husband.

As we were walking down the aisle, tears were flowing and butterflies were active in my stomach. I was walking down the red carpet towards my future husband. He was standing there looking so handsome with his Navy suit, burgundy tie and tears flowing down his face. Such a pure moment which I will never forget. Our vows exchanged were words I will never forget as we chose to write these ourselves. Whenever I now have a hard day, I re-read our vows and remind myself how lucky we are to have one another and think back to our special day.


Kellie and Kyle Mackie   Kellie and Kyle Mackie

The Reception

Every wedding needs good entertainment and that's exactly what we got! Danny from Millennium entertainment can work a crowd. Guests were enjoying themselves and all were dancing without being prompted. We danced the night away until late, ate a delicious spread of food and desserts and cut the most gorgeous wedding cake made by Libby at Jackley's Bakehouse. It was almost to nice to eat, I wanted to keep it for looks.

Kyle and I don't know how to dance, we kind of just slow shuffled with one another for our first dance. We didn't know what we were doing, but we didn't care. We were far too happy to care how we looked. I also got to share a dance with my poppy who was unfortunately diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer only a few months before our big day. To see him there and to be able to share the day with him made my whole world. I will always treasure this memory and how proud I was of him.


The Honeymoon

For our Honeymoon, Kyle and I decided to explore the South Island of New Zealand. We Hired a car and started in Queenstown, then headed to Te Anau to visit the Eighth wonder of the world (Milford Sound) and then traveled to Dunedin. We stayed at lovely Air BnB's, experienced what the region has to offer and dined at some amazing restaurants. It was full of food (my favorite), wines, farms, sight seeing and I was just in awe of the entire place! Every turn in every drive and each stop was just breath taking. While we were there it was winter and snowing, which made for an even more romantic Honeymoon. Most places we visited had heaters and we could rug up in blankets and enjoy wines, cheese and biscuits and each others company.


Wedding Advice ...

My advice to other couples is to plan with one another from the beginning. Enjoy every moment and don't sweat the small things as they won't matter on your big day!


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