Five Days to Organise a Wedding

Bianca and Bradley

Monday, 11 October 2021

The Romance

Brad and I first met casually as he was my brothers friend - love at fist sight hmm no!!! Years went by and I was living on the Gold Coast and Brad was living in Cobar, I had gone back to visit family and we crossed paths, he was singing one of my favourite songs and I felt an instant attraction - but I think he felt it first lol. We had a chat and I went on my way back to the Gold coast. A few weeks later he started texting me on MSN, right this long ago and from then on we started dating, with Brad eventually moving to the Gold Coast where we started our little family.


Bianca and Bradley  Best   Bianca and Bradley  Best

The Proposal

We were both quite young when we had our first child but wouldn’t change it for the world, now we have three kids and and another on the way! We had always spoke about getting married because come on what girl doesn’t want to get married and have the same last name as their kids. But 15 years went on and we were still not married. In September 2021 I found out my dad was terminally ill and wouldn’t have much longer to live, I spoke to Brad and let him know that it was my dream to have my dad walk me down the aisle - every girls dream right? Brad gave me a look, I wasn’t sure what the look was lol, but I just reminded him that if we were going to do it we need to do it fast as dad didn’t have long.

The following week, Brad proposed and it was everything a girl could dream of. A beautiful picnic set up on the beach with our two beautiful girls. Balloons, a' will you marry me' sign and amazing food and wine of course. It was the most magical day, even though I hoped it was coming I was definitely in shock and didn’t see it coming. At that moment I knew he was the man I wanted to be forever (even though 15 years together is already forever lol) but I knew he did this so my Dad could be there and made it happen so quick. He was doing whatever he could to make my dream come true.

Bianca and Bradley Best   Bianca and Bradley Best

The Planning

Our family knew so once we had finished at the beach they had organised a little engagement party and started to talk about when the wedding would be, this weekend coming everyone was saying? I laughed and thought to myself no way, there is no way I’m organising a wedding in less than a week. Not how I pictured my wedding - but with everyone telling me that my dad didn’t have long I started to question if I could do it or not.

I was proposed to on the Sunday, Tuesday came around and everyone kept reminding me that I better do this quick. Some thing came over me and I started to plan a wedding, with no date yet, no dress or no venue. First thing first was a wedding dress, Mum and my sister said let’s go find a wedding dress, this was on Tuesday - I was freaking out thinking what if I can’t find something I love this will take days. I had been following made with love on Instagram for while and loved their wedding dresses, I emailed them to see if I could attend their shop which they made availability for me due to my circumstances. I tried four dresses on all together and the fourth one I fell in love with. Mum paid for it and off we went on to the next thing on our list. Thursday venue was booked Thursday arvo invites were sent out for the wedding to be Monday, yes 4 days away.

I had 5 days to organise this wedding yes 5 days! I couldn’t of done it without my amazing family and beautiful bridesmaids who made it all come together, everyone had a job to do and I wouldn’t have had a wedding if it wasn’t for these people. Bridesmaid dresses arrived Friday afternoon, wedding on Monday not even knowing if they would fit or not, but let me tell you they all looked amazing!

I don’t think I slept for the entire 5 days, and someone like me needs their beauty sleep lol, I was worried what I was going to look like on my wedding day. Yes, I was stressed yes I didn’t sleep but I reflected on why I was doing this and that was to have my dad there, at that moment nothing else mattered. I didn’t care how I looked or if we had all the decorations that I had been dreaming of, it was the simple things, my family and my amazing dad that made my wedding the most amazing wedding ever.

Bianca and Bradley Best   Bianca and Bradley Best

The Wedding Day

We didn’t see each other before the wedding, the girls got an air bnb. Brad text me saying he couldn’t breathe he was that nervous,which made me smile even after 15 years he was still nervous. I was fine until we got in the car, then I was nervous. The Airbnb cleaners arrived early and asked us to leave so I didn’t even get to look at myself after hair and make up and had to put my wedding dress on in the garage and I wasn’t even stressed. Maybe a little but for someone like me I was so calm.

The Ceremony

We got to the ceremony and I remember seeing my dad, from then on I didn’t not stop crying. He got out of his wheel chair and walked me down to the aisle down to my husband to be. I was so proud of him. The birds were singing, the wedding was outside. It was perfect I couldn’t of faulted anything. The ceremony was held in the vine yards as Tamborine mountain. It was magical simple but beautiful. We had a dj who played all the songs we wanted, the food was amazing and the service was great.


Bianca and Bradley Best

The Reception

Dad even got out of his wheel chair to have a dad daughter dance something I will cherish forever and be forever grateful of how strong he was. He even added a little groove to make everyone laugh. I had to make up my speech on the spot this is something I didn’t organise in the 5 days lol. But everyone said it was the best speech they have heard, spoke from the heart. It was such an emotional day, one minute everyone was laughing the next crying. More emotional than usual knowing that dad wasn’t going to be here for long.

Everyone partied on danced all night and said there is no way you would think this wedding was organised in 5 days. Who says you need a year to organise a wedding haha. I’m so glad I had my kids to share this special moment as well, they also danced all night.

Bianca and Bradley Best

The Honeymoon

No honey moon yet with everything that happened we didn’t have time to think about that, definitely on the cards though.

Wedding Advice

Dad passed 5 days after the wedding so you could say it was pretty good timing! I count my blessings every single day, and am so grateful I got to have him there.


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