Good old Bridport pub

Caitlin and Adam

Sunday, 6 Apr 2019

The Romance

Audi (as Adam is known as) and I met socially through mutual friends in Bridport. We actually knew of each other for a year before we started our relationship. I believe fate had a hand in us both being in the “right” place at the right time and we have the good old Bridport pub to thank for that. I think it's fair to say there was an instant attraction and interest, once we got together we only had eyes for each other. We purchased a home together early in our relationship and honestly that in itself is a huge commitment, so I'd say I knew he was the one even before that.

Caitlin and Adam Lade   Caitlin and Adam Lade

The Proposal

Audi was really sweet and personal with the thoughtfulness of his proposal. It was an evening that I expected to be like others when we started driving out to a local beach area. We climbed over the rocks at “Lade’s Beach” and with the sea breeze and sun setting, I turned around and he was down on one knee. It was 5 years since we first got together actually!


Caitlin and Adam Lade   Caitlin and Adam Lade

The Planning

I wouldn't say I enjoyed the planning process at the time. I know some brides really thrive on it. However, I can look back now and understand it wasn't as daunting and difficult as maybe I thought it would be. There were a few aspects of our day that I didn't have to worry about considering we had a cocktail style wedding - for example: seating plan and table arrangements. We started planning about a year out from our special day. I would say we had a lot of support from family and friends (if I needed to call on them - for advice mainly) however we did most things ourselves. No clashes! :)


Caitlin and Adam Lade

The Wedding Day

The night before our wedding it rained a lot! Thankfully, the next day brought beautiful sunny weather with a persistent breeze, very typical of our coastal home. Audi had beers and pizza with the guys the night before and stayed overnight and got ready at his parents, 5 minutes away. After mani/pedi's, my bridesmaids and I had a relaxing PJ party at home with an absolute classic - The Wedding Singer. We also got ready at our home which is literally just down the hill from our venue! We kept things traditional and chose not to see each other before the ceremony - I think Audi took it a bit seriously and didn't reply to my wedding morning text as he thought it was absolutely no contact allowed haha. Knowing what I can be like, I was very surprised at how relaxed and calm I felt the whole day getting ready. I believe Audi felt the same but got a little bit nervous as the cars arrived and through our ceremony. s


Caitlin and Adam Lade   Caitlin and Adam Lade

The Ceremony

We were very blessed to have so many family members and friends witness our special day. Our ceremony was held at the Bridport Bayview Centre, outside overlooking Andersons Bay with beautiful coastal vistas. My Father built us a beautiful white wooden arbour which also doubled as a swing seat which guests could have photos on. Our stylists had adorned the structure with gorgeous florals and foliage. We walked down the aisle to an acoustic cover of Sum 41's "With Me" that I found on YouTube. I was mainly in my own world at the time, however the atmosphere was one that's hard to describe, in a good way! It's such a special feeling standing next to the person you love and looking out at so many important people in your life and realising they're all there in that moment, for us.


Caitlin and Adam Lade   Caitlin and Adam Lade

The Reception

Our reception was also held at the same venue (inside the Centre). It was beautifully decorated with our stunning floral arrangements including natives and foliage and a big mantle feature with our names in gold acrylic. We even made use of the blackboard that was there by having a mate do a quote in chalk art. We really wanted a relaxed vibe and a big party and that's exactly what we had! I described the food as "festival" being wood fired pizzas, sliders, mini fish and chips etc., as well as grazing platters atop wine barrels to start with. Another mate was kind enough to DJ for us and it was such a fun night!

We loved our wedding, it was the most awesome day! It's so wonderful seeing all the choices you've made come together on your wedding day and knowing it's unique to you both - it's very surreal and exciting!


Caitlin and Adam Lade   Caitlin and Adam Lade

The Honeymoon

We didn't plan a honeymoon until 5 months after our wedding, which I wouldn't recommend - I wish we had of given the topic more thought earlier on, but I'm pleased to say we will be going to Bali in October 2019 to finally enjoy a honeymoon together.

Wedding Advice ...

Obvious but true – you really only get one shot as this so choose things you both like/want and try not to concern yourself with the opinions of others. There is no better feeling than looking at the choices you both made one by one as a big picture and thinking, “wow, this is our day!”. Someone gave me a great piece of advice, when you're standing at the alter take a moment to really have a good look around at all of your guests, just try and soak that moment in.


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