Heart of Gold

Kaylee and Trent

Saturday, 22 February 2020

The Romance

We met at a birthday and the love at first sight was very one sided. I thought Trent was a little immature and he had a terrible mullet, something that may remind you of Jo dirt. It didn't take long however before I realised he had a heart of gold. We were very good friends for many years and silly me did not see all the signs and hints (now I look back there were plenty and understand why his work mates nicknamed him 'friend zone'). He did many sweet and thoughtful things like fill the tray of his ute with snow one winter and drive it nearly two hours to me so we could build a snowman together. We already knew each other's flaws, our strengths, our weaknesses, our secrets and our dreams. Our friendship truly was the best foundation for our relationship. He didn't really leave me (miss independent who enjoyed living on her own) a choice. He kept leaving tooth brushes in my bathroom and slowing making room on my shelves for his clothes. He really is the part of me I never knew I needed but now could not be without.


Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Proposal

Our friends and family were quite eager for the this moment as he quite openly used to tell everyone he was going to marry me one day even in the very early days of our relationship. Every romantic weekend away or any big overseas holidays we went on our friends and family would always comment 'this is it'. Four years on, we took a more casual vacation. We flew to Melbourne to spend a few days exploring the great Ocean road, visit some friends in South Australia and spend some time on the Mornington penninsula before heading home and no one saw it coming, especially me. We walked down Gibson Steps onto a beautiful beach that is part of the twelve apostles. Like something in a movie everyone on the beach just leaving and left us with the beautiful beach to our selves. Trent set up his phone on a rock in the distance as he wanted to take a photo and as the sun set he got down on one knee with a stunning ring and asked me to marry him. It turns out he was videoing and I have the whole proposal to treasure and look back on. He had also planned post engagement celebrations at Mornington Penninsula, it was all an incredible surprise.


Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Planning

We only gave our selves 11 months to plan our big day as the most important thing to us was finally making our dream come true. We did all the planning our selves and I was quite calm compared to how I imagined I would be. I still do not understand how we got so incredibly lucky.

The Wedding Day

We kept our bridal party small and it was so lovely spending the night with two of my oldest friends who are just like family to the both of us. Trent stayed at our home with his groomsman and they probably over indulged more than they should have the night before a wedding but no eye brows were shaven so I was happy. A sense of calm washed over me whilst getting ready with my bridesmaids and my mum, we enjoyed a platter and wine, my hair dresser is a beautiful lady I have known for years and I was so happy she was a part of my day. When it started to feel real and the emotions started to build up was when Emma our lovely florist delivered our bouquets to our accommodation. I was calm during photos and even the car ride to Stanley, I was mainly excited. It wasn't until we stopped to take the top off the car before our grand entrance that I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. We also had to add my veil which we realised we hadn't removed, thank goodness for a stranger who had a pocket knife to rescue the situation. The weather was stunning, not a cloud in the sky and no wind to be felt which is certainly not how the top of a hill in Stanley normally is.

Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was at the beautiful high field house. Our arch and flowers arrangements were set up on the grass overlooking the ocean and the iconic Stanley hut. We were so blessed with not only the weather and the location but our guests, I honesty felt like I could feel the love in the air as soon as we drove in. If we had of left it a few months, we wouldn't have been so lucky, only a couple of weeks later Covid19 started hitting Australia harder and our interstate guests wouldn't have made it, we also lost a very dear and loved family member soon after, we feel we really were meant to get married when we did.
I felt goose bumps as soon as our song we had selected, started playing and our first bridesmaid started making her way down the aisle. We chose I won't give up - Alex G, I still get goosebumps when I hear it. We included a little thankyou and reminder to our bridal party whilst they were so special to us and wrote our own vows. Trent's emotions ran high and nearly couldn't finish his at which point I think every single person had a little teary. We were so thankful for our photographer who got our wedding photos done so quickly in several locations so we could get back and celebrate with our family and friends. I am still amazed by our videographer and I have watched our video soooo many times and often find my self writing our names into YouTube just to watch it again.


Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Reception

Our wedding reception was held at a venue called the cinema which is basically a large venue with lovely wooden floors, a lane way decorated with fairy lights for some fresh air after all the dancing and a stage for our favourite Tasmanian band to play on. We had waitered canapes rather than sit down meals so our guests could mingle all night and enjoy them selves. We arrived to the song 'drink up by train' so everyone knew it was time to celebrate and we played a little game with our bridal party to get everyone laughing. Still months later we are hearing from guests how much they enjoyed the food and preferred having more opportunity to mingle then sit with limited people. The food and the music are two big things guests remember and from all accounts we got two massive ticks, which left us very happy. We wanted our guests to enjoy themselves as much as we did. If you're from Tasmania and need a band, check out The Red Kelly's, they even learnt our first dance song for us and I assure you, your guests will love them.

The Honeymoon

We were so very lucky to fit a week in an over water bungalow in the Maldives just before quarantine for covid started. We snorkelled, did a jet ski tour and saw hundreds of dolphins, learnt to kite surf, stand up paddle boarded and lots of other water activities. I had to pinch myself waking up and looking outside to the most beautiful water. We then spent a week down the South of Tasmania visiting some of our favourite places like Bruny Island and we finished up at domescape which is a beautiful dome over looking swinging gate winery in the Tarmar Valley. Ahhhh take me back!

Wedding Advice

Take yourselves away from everyone just for a minute, take a deep breath together and just take a moment to stand back and take it in. Watch your guests enjoying themselves, listen to the music and embrace how you're feeling. If something goes wrong just remember the reason you're getting married and what's important, regardless of the weather or your hair you will still go to bed that night for the first time as husband and wife.


Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor
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