Taylor and Jordan

Monday, 22 Oct 2018

The Romance

Jordy and I met through mutual friends at a party in our home town when I was 15 and he was 16. We went to different high schools and didn't know each other until then. We got along straight away, since then we have been an inseparable couple.

Taylor and Jordan Gray   Taylor and Jordan Gray

The Proposal

After buying our first home and being together for over 9 years, Jordy proposed. In 2016 we were on a family holiday in Clifton Beach (near Cairns) visiting family. One night Jordy asked if I wanted to go out to the beach for a wine, watch the waves and look at the sky. While we were out there Jordy put on our song, got down on one knee, said some beautiful words and proposed. It was so perfect and I could not have asked for anything more.


Taylor and Jordan Gray   Taylor and Jordan Gray

The Planning

The planning was an enjoyable process and in total took about 3 months. Being a destination wedding, it could have been quite stressful but I was lucky and had weedding suppliers who were very easy to work with. Jordy and I went on our honeymoon to Europe before the wedding, so the wedding itself was planned approximately 2 months prior to the event. This was a blessing in disguise because it allowed 8 weeks of flexibility for any necessary changes.

The Wedding Day

The wedding day was absolute bliss, it could not have been better! Jordy and I both got ready in Palm Cove, myself in the Condo of Drift Apartments overlooking the beach and Jordy at my mum and dads apartment overlooking a beautiful garden. We were quite close so the Photographer (Katie Purling) and Videographer (Tayla Beaton) were able to capture our groups getting ready before the big event. The weather was fantastic, a balmy overcast and everything ran very smoothly. A very special moment during the day was my dress reveal to my father. This was very emotional as my father had been dreaming of this day for a very long time.


Taylor and Jordan Gray   Taylor and Jordan Gray


The Ceremony

We were both very excited and didn't really feel nervous until we were both at the venue. We didn't get to see each other until I walked down the aisle which was really special. Jordy's face when he saw me was unforgettable, so much love in his eyes. Our ceremony was held on the beach at Kewarra Beach Resort, under a canopy of palm trees, overlooking the beach. There was a white arbour decorated with tropical flowers on a wooden platform. The aisle was also decorated with flowers and lined with coconuts. The ceremony itself was very emotional with just Jord, myself and the celebrant standing. The groomsmen and bridesmaids all sat in the front row so they could enjoy the ceremony. We both wrote our own personal vows which were challenging to read, as they meant so much to us. Jordy was quite emotional during his vows finding it difficult to get through, so I finished reading his vows for him. This was a beautiful moment I will never forget.


The Reception

Our reception was an absolute dream! Also held at Kewarra Beach resort our guests were able to walk to the beach next door and start enjoying the evening. Our decorators did a fantastic job making the beach look absolutely perfect with festoon lighting, table decorations and outdoor games. The food was also a highlight with the resort providing a delicious buffet for all our guests. All in all, it was a magical evening on a private beach for everyone that attended.


Taylor and Jordan Gray   Taylor and Jordan Gray


The Honeymoon

We weren't quite traditional with our honeymoon, which we planned before our wedding to Portugal and Spain. This was due to another wedding we were attending in France. It was a great 4 week trip to Europe that we thoroughly enjoyed. It was even more exciting knowing when we came home we would be heading off to get married soon after!


Wedding Advice ...

Something will always go 'wrong' on the day, but the key is to not worry about it and just move on. At the end of the day, you are there to marry the love of your life, everything else is just a bonus. The biggest piece of advice that I took before the wedding is 'no one cares about your wedding but you'. Guests will always have a great time as long as there is a good atmosphere, music, food and drinks.

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