Internet Chat

Bruce & Ann Ronning

Married Saturday, 16 March 2002

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

We met in an Internet chat room. It was a social group and we met for a game of pool at a local club. The moment I saw Bruce's smile I was hooked. We paired up for a game and somehow managed to win. It was a fateful event because I believe we are the world's worst pool players.

It was whirlwind romance. Only 3 weeks later, I was introduced to the best skep kids in the world and I moved in. It was only a week after we started living together when Bruce said, "I would like to marry you". I was left speechless with my forkful of enchilada frozen in time. With a thumping heart and a lump in my throat, I said, "I would like that too".

On my 26th Birthday, Bruce took me to a lovely hotel and formally proposed with a beautiful emerald and diamond ring. It was the best birthday gift ever. We then had around five months to plan our wedding. It seemed that everything made me cry. When I knew something was just right like my dress or the venue I would burst into tears. So if it made me cry it was perfect!

Our special day finally arrived, the weather was warm and sunny and I was so excited. My day began at 6:30am with my hair styling at 7. My 3-year-old stepdaughter was a little angel and it was very special to get our hair done together. I kept saying, "I am a bride! I really am a Bride!" I couldn't stop smiling!

I had tried a few make up artists, which did not work for me. I finally found the best in Jan Sanders. The other make up artists charged a fortune but didn't seem to be able to create a natural look. I was so glad I didn't end up looking like a reject from a Robert Palmer video.

For my wedding gift, Bruce flew out my sister from America. We hadn't seen each other for nearly 6 years.

We held our small intimate ceremony at a country resort. Goolabri had a beautiful golf course surrounded by native bushland. The actual ceremony was held on a little island in the middle of a dam. The bridesmaids preceded me down a wooden bridge where I met my groom at the water's edge. The service was held at 11:30am to accommodate the children and older relatives. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Bruce and I wrote our own vows and ceremony using the Internet. We hired a fabulous civil celebrant to perform the marriage. Barry Williams is also a Fathers' Right advocate.

I didn't know when I supposed to lift my veil. So I lifted it after a friend gave me away, but everyone told me to put it back down! Bruce looked so handsome and he told me that he had never seen me so beautiful.

Initially, I had planned to try and arrange the release of butterflies at our ceremony, but in the end decided it was a little extravagant. I then settled on balloons and booked them to be released immediately the ceremony finished, but the supplier called 3 days before the wedding to say they couldn't deliver them at the appropriate time. They asked that I pick them up! So I cancelled the balloons and in the end had beautiful bubbles instead.

Our reception was held at the resort. A pianist played while canapes were served. Since it was a small wedding, all of the guests and wedding party were seated at a large open square table arrangement. It was wonderful. Bruce and I burned MP3's to CDs and they played during the 3 courses. The food was delicious.

The most memorable moments for me were our vows and the speech Bruce gave at the reception. Here is his speech:-

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thankyou Dad for those kind words. I shall continue to strive to be worthy of your high regard.

And thankyou to everyone for coming along today to help Ann and I celebrate our special day. Your presence here means a lot to us. Everything has gone perfectly and will be truly a day of cherished memories for a long long time.

When Ann and I started to seriously think about our Wedding Day, and when and where it would be, and who would share it, one of the first things we decided was to keep it small and intimate. We wanted it to be close, personal and informal, and we wanted it outdoors.

This, I thought would also make it simple and inexpensive, but I was quite wrong about that. It turns out that a wedding, whether there be a hundred guests, or only 25, still needs all the same things; a venue, invitations, flowers, a celebrant, photography, food, entertainment, a cake, rings, suits, dresses, etc, etc. So don't be fooled that today was simple or easy to plan.

There was a great deal of planning and coordination went into making today the great success it has been, and for that I owe a great debt of thanks to my new bride Ann, for making sure that everything was attended to, and that everything would be perfect.

Now it is time to say a few words about Ann:-

Here beside me sits the world's most wonderful woman
She is beautiful
She is warm and kind
She is unselfish and thoughtful
She is intelligent and articulate

She treats me like a king
She makes me feel 10 feet tall.
She makes me feel strong and able.
She always has a kind word for me, for everyone
She always does what is right and good.
She always considers others before herself.
There is not the smallest bit of bad in her.
She brings out the best in me and makes me want to do better, and
She has come to love my children and family and earned their love in return

She is a miracle, my miracle. I cannot speak highly enough of her. I am thrilled that she wants to be my wife. She is the glittering prize for which I have endured a great deal of hardship in the years leading up to this moment, and it has been worth every bit of it.

My family; Mum, Dad, Leigh and Stephen. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Through the toughest of times, the one thing that has never let me down is my family. I honestly don't know if I could have made it without you.

The bridesmaids; Michelle and Sam. You both look lovely today. Michelle, you easily win the prize for travelling the furthest to be here. Thankyou so much for taking time out from your own family back home, to be here to share this. Your being here means the world to Ann. It is a blessing on this marriage.

Sam, I know your friendship is very important to Ann, and we are very pleased you were able to be involved. A special thanks to the bridesmaids and a toast to the bridesmaids.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our wedding was just beautiful, and I don't think I would have changed a thing. We had a quiet honeymoon in Sydney.

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