Intimate Beach Wedding

Sissy and Marco

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Romance

The very first time we met each other was in a youth club. You went there to gather with other people of your age, doing homework or whatever. In this youth club foosball was played in a tiny room. Marco was playing when I entered. The room was so small that one could hardly pass when foosball was played. And Marco did not want me to pass. He instead decided not to let me through and thus luckily made me remember him. I certainly have to admit that for me it was not love at first sight. To be honest he had been a very good friend for a long time. A very long time, 6 years to be specific. But our relationship over the years became closer and closer. Marco was my best friend before we became lovers.

I am happy to say that he is both today and much more than that. Marco was actually the one proposing, so I've asked him to write about the proposal below. It's nice to hear this part from the groom.

Bride & Groom, Sissy & Marco Schatt   Bride & Groom, Sissy & Marco Schatt

The Proposal

I knew from the very first moment that Sissy was the woman I wanted to spend my life with. I decided that it was time to propose when four of my close friends paid me a visit and we have been discussing a friends wedding. This was the moment I told them straight away that I am going to propose not knowing when and how but taken the decision that I was definitely going to ask Sissy to become my wife. A few weeks later I had bought the rings and one month later I asked her parents for permission to ask Sissy to marry me. Needless to say - I got their permission!

The day before I proposed I was super anxious. I did not know when the right time would be but it was the 29th of December 2014 when I took the ring with me for the first time. I could hardly talk and was incredibly nervous. I still did not know when or how to ask. I hadn’t planned to be at a specific place, I just thought I would know when the right time would be. And as it turned out - I did know.

We were on holidays and had been snowboarding all day long. Then I saw Sissy waiting on the side of a run and I felt it - this was it! Now or Never. I was nervous but not anxious and I felt like we had snatched a moment that belonged only to the two of us and there was noone else around. I drove towards her on my snowboard and as I stopped I landed directly on my knees in front of her. I told her how happy I was and wanted to spend my life with her, that I love her and could not imagine being with anybody else. At the same time I tried to remove my snow gloves and get the ring out of my pocket. And then I asked her the question of the questions - I asked her to become my wife, she was speechlees and we realised we were both crying. I was about to put the ring on her finger, but she had not replied yet, but finally, between tears of joy, she said, "Yes" and I slipped the ring on her finger.


Bride & Groom, Sissy & Marco Schatt   Bride & Groom, with Bridal party

The Planning

We got engaged on the 29th of December 2014, just before I was to study abroad. This is why we decided to hold our wedding later than originally planned, one year after the proposal. I was travelling for my studies and Marco was left on his own in Hamburg, we hardly found the time to plan everything properly from Germany. Our biggest issue was to find a celebrant that would be able to hold our ceremony not only in English but also in German. We decided it was too hard for us to try and organise our wedding in Perth from overseas, so we decided to hire a company who could organise many things for us a florist, a photographer, a caterer and a celebrant. Our celebrant - Delwyn - was the first to get in touch with us. From then on we exchanged regularly. She asked us to write down our love story and this is the only time I remember the two of us planning something for our wedding together. Otherwise I hardly managed to come home and when Marco visited me in Turkey and France, where I was studying we simply wanted to spend time together.

But this particular time I remember the two of us sitting on the floor, I sat between his legs and had a computer on my lap. We we went through our love story once again as our Celebrant had asked. Sometimes with tears in our eyes but mainly with a big smile on both faces. It was a moment so different from what I expected planning a wedding to be like - in complete harmony and very special.

Much later, when we were in Perth, we met Rowena who organised our catering and much more than that. We worked together with her and decided where everything should be placed and what food could be served but she also took over the exchange with our florist "Budding moments" and our baker "Cakes by Maxine". Anthea Kirkman, our photographer liaised with us re our expectation a few days in advance. Anthea Kirkman, our photographer liaised with us re our expectation a few days in advance. Anthea commented that it was unusual booking a photographer for three hours without providing instructions on what we wanted. Later, we figured that there had been no need giving her specific instructions as she worked invisibly, and her photos were amazing, she always seemed to be at the right place at the right time.

Although we had handed over such an important decision of which wedding suppliers to work with on our wedding day to a wedding coordinator, I have to say that we were incredibly happy with all of our wedding suppliers. Each lady had done a fantastic job and I couldn't have imagined of anyone better.

The Wedding Day

It was the 29th of December 2016, Marco and I had rented a house in Fremantle, a huge house that could accommodate both our families. Marco and I are originally from Germany. We had been backpacking since August 2016. A week before the big day our parents followed and as we could hardly fit them in an apartment, we rented a huge house with 4 floors and 5 bedrooms. Luckily as it turned out, because two nights before our wedding we were surprised by my bridesmaid and Marco’s best man. They flew all the way from Germany to Australia to join us for our special event, which meant so much to us. We still cannot believe their sacrifice and value it enormously. The night before the wedding Marco and I departed as the tradition demands. It was hard, Marco was anxious and I did not want to leave him alone. I wanted to tell him that there was nothing to be afraid of, that it will all be all right. Nevertheless I went to bed with my mum and my bridesmaid while Marcos best man moved into our original bedroom. It was a night where neither Marco nor myself could find any sleep.

I got up very early the next morning as the make up artist and the florist arrived. Marco was forced to use the lower floor while the upper one was reserved for the girls. Even though we were up early we found ourselves running out of time. Whilst I heard some of the household departing for our ceremony venue my make up artist was still busy with my hair. Finally done, I got dressed quickly and ran straight into my dad who was amazed. My Dad is someone that doesn’t usually show emotion, but he was speechless when he saw me, his eyes said it all, full of compliments. He later said, because I am a little on the wild and tomboy side and always going against the trend, he half expected me to marry in a black dress and was stunned to find me princess-like.

Bride & Groom, Sissy & Marco Schatt   Bride, Emma Lomas, wedding flowers

The Ceremony

Our ceremony took place at Trigg Beach. We had chosen this beach together with our celebrant Delwyn Klevenow. We had also arranged with Rowena Lynch - our Caterer where tables etc. should be paced. When Marco arrived in the morning, everything was in place already. The chairs were put in a half circle around the archway where we would be standing. This way our guests would be facing us with the endless sea in the background. The food, the cake and Champagne were placed in a shadowy corner behind the ceremony area. Everything was white, green and wooden, it was a rustic and romantic atmosphere.

As we were running late from getting ready, we rushed to Trigg Beach and in our haste took the wrong turn and got a little lost. It was the first time on the day I became nervous. I wanted to be there on time, I didn’t want Marco to become even more anxious than I already expected he was going to be. We got there a few minutes late and I felt a little muddled. The "Bridal Chorus" of Wagner was playing, people were applauding and tears came to my eyes. I wanted everything to get started quickly and almost ran into our photographer without recognising her. She could hardly hold me back trying to take photos, two strangers happily assisting us. My bridesmaid sat down next to Marcos parents, his best man, my mum and my stepmother. My father was waiting for me half way down the aisle and took me by the hand as we walked the second part side by side. He gave me a heartbreaking kiss as we reached the archway and then put my hands into Marco’s hands. Delwyn held the ceremony as per our wishes, including our personal love story, poems that touched us both and our vows in English and German.

After our ceremony we had "lighter" music playing, German lovesongs, some gospel and soul. After a little celebration over there we went with our photographer for another hour to have some amazing images taken, in the meantime our family & friends refreshed themselves.

The Reception

Later we had a small wedding reception in "Indianas" at Cottesloe Beach. We had booked everything in advance. We have been welcomed with Champagne and then had a lovely 3-course-dinner with plenty of wine, a lovely sunset and lots more tears. The latter because of the memorable touching speeches of my father, Marcos best man and myself.

Bride, Emma Lomas with Bridesmaids   Bride Emma Lomas, with Groom and Bridal Party

The Honeymoon

We didn’t have a honeymoon straight away, after the wedding we had spent a few more days with our family and friends before we finally went back to work for a few months. After this we took a break and drove along the coast to the north of Australia. We went canoeing in the Kalbarri National park, we enjoyed Cocktails in Monkey Mia and we went swimming with Whale sharks in Exmouth. But we figured that no matter where we were or what we were doing, after being apart for so long we knew that all that matters is being together.

Wedding Advice ...

It is your day and your day only. So don't pay too much attention to suggestions from others. You intuitively know what you want and what will work best for you. It's your wedding, the day should suit you.

A word from the Groom ...

Our ceremony was at 11 o'clock in the morning but I arrived at Trigg Beach a little earlier than needed. I was anxious and walked up and down the beach to try and calm my nerves. I did not want to speak to anyone; I was totally absorbed with my thoughts. I had no doubt that this is what I wanted, Sissy is my ‘forever’. Time ticked by and my beloved wife-to-be kept me waiting, making me a little more nervous. She finally turned up - a few minutes late, but even when I realised she had arrived and I heard her bridesmaid, her Father and Sissy herself I still felt I was about to go crazy, so many thoughts racing through my mind, nothing seemed to calm me down, even the music gently playing in the background. But the minute I saw her walking down towards me, I became calm. I knew everything was going to be all right. Just seeing her filled me with serenity, she made me feel secure and she grounds me. I knew then and I know now she is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

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