Irish Sentiments

Michael & Stacey Coulthard

Married Saturday, 15 December 2001

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Michael and I met through a friend in 1998. To start with, there weren't any major fireworks, but then after going out a few times, something began to grow between us. He was funny smart and very cute and he was someone I wanted to settle down with and spend the rest of my life with!

It was New Year's Eve 1999 when Michael proposed to me at the Falls Festival (held down at Lorne in Victoria). It was just before everyone started the count down to welcome in the New Year. Michael got down on both knees and asked me to MARRY HIM! Without a thought I said YES! I couldn't let this one go! What a way to welcome the new millennium!

We set the date for the 15th of December 2001. It was the perfect date, for this was the same date he had first kissed me - how sentimental!!

I had ALL the time in the world to plan (two years), but was so excited, I wanted to start straight away. I was born in Ireland and having lived most of my life in Australia, we decided to have a traditional Irish wedding, from Irish music to Irish Dancers (which I myself am one).

There were times when I thought I'd never get the whole wedding organised, but surprisingly enough the fun parts were shopping around for dresses with the bridesmaids and mum! I just wanted everything to be perfect!

The day started off wonderfully, it was 21 degrees and sunny, just perfect for a garden wedding. With nerves and excitement I was up early as we had an 11 am ceremony, which meant I had to get up at 5:30am. (It felt like I had just got to sleep then).

The whole morning of hair and make up seemed to go so quickly! I was too nervous to eat anything! By the time 9am rolled around it was PHOTO TIME! And even this went quickly! I was so emotional when I got in to the car that I wanted to cry but I thought to myself NO don't cry, you're makeup will run!

Our wedding was held at Kellybrook Winery in Wonga Park, (which is the suburb I used to live in). The ceremony was held under a 110-year-old English Oak tree in the most beautiful garden setting. We had a wonderful celebrant who helped make the whole day very memorable.

An Irish piper (Uillean pipes) played a traditional Irish air... "She moved through the fair" as the tune to which I walked up to my HUBBY to be! When I heard this haunting tune I knew it was time ... time to spend the rest of my life with the man I love so much.

We had a 'guard of honour' of Irish Dancers from my dancing school, which just added to the special feel of the whole day.

The reception, for around 75 guests, was held at the Kellybrook Restaurant and was just magic. There were roses on every table and pretty pink ribbons around the ivory serviettes and the bridal table was beautifully decorated with draping flowers and skirted in an ivory table cover.

We had an Irish band play and offcourse the Irish Dancers, with whom I got up for a dance with my friends. I wish the day could have gone on forever, the food, wine and music was just ... well you have to check out Kellybrook to see what I mean!

We had two fantastic nights at the Novotel in Melbourne and then headed up to Sydney where we drove up the coast and stayed 5 days. The weather was absolutely sensational, lovely beach weather. We are now saving up to go back home to Ireland so I can catch up with family, so this will be a extension of our honeymoon!

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