David  & Shanna Sheldrick,
Married Saturday, 2 April 2005

Lessons in love

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories
We met on our first day of University, during orientation week (February 2001). David was enrolled in an Environmental Planning and Management degree, and I was enrolled in a Recreation Planning and Management degree. We were introduced by one of David?s friends who were also enrolled in the same course as me.

We soon realised that we had some classes together so arranged to sit together during the lectures. From this, we were put in a group together for our first group assignment. We received a high distinction on this assignment and discovered that we made a great team!

On December 16th 2003, David took me to the Semaphore Palais for a lovely dinner. He requested the best table overlooking the sea. After dinner (during sunset), we went for a walk along the beach. As David had a university work placement earlier that day (or so I thought), he was wearing a suit and tie, and looked quite uncomfortable walking in the sand on a 35 degree night. Before we headed back to the car, David told me that he wanted to ask me something??. He got down on bended knee in front of a large crowd of beach goers and asked me to become his wife! I burst into tears and said yes of course. Some of the people watching came over and congratulated us.

On our way home, David pulled the car off to the side of the road and told me that he had one more surprise and had to blindfold me. As we were walking down the driveway I could here the song ?Going to the chapel and we?re going to get married?, and assumed that mum and dad knew what was going on. As we turned the corner David took off my blindfold and I saw 15 grinning faces?? my parents, brother, girlfriends, David?s parents, David?s friends, they were all there and had known for days what was going to happen!

We went looking at venues the following weekend after David proposed! In theory we had a little over 15 months to plan 'the day / night of our lives', however in April 2004, David and I graduated from University together, and 1 week later set off to London to work for 6 months. After our stint in London we travelled around Western Europe for 2 months. We did Paris, Scotland, Athens, Greek Islands, Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, Vienna, Munich, Geneva, Barcelona and Ireland. This European trip of ours reduced quality planning time to 7 months.

As most brides I'm sure, I was attached to the weather website for the week leading up to the big day. The weather here in Adelaide was acting quite strange....hot days, then cold rainy days soon after etc.

I woke up on 'the morning' to my mum bringing me a cup of tea, just like her mum had on her wedding day. When I went outside it was quite humid and sticky. I then heard on the news that it was predicted to be the hottest April day in 20 years or something like that, 36 degrees! The worst thing about that though was that it was so humid and uncomfortable.

David wasn't nervous at all during the morning preparations, nor was I. The nerves hit David when he was standing at the altar, and mine hit me when my girls were helping me into my wedding dress.

Bride & Bridesmaids

We had 4 Ford Mustangs as our wedding cars. My dad and I went in the family black 1964 convertible (with Dad driving and me in the back), no air conditioning mind you. I was shaking like a leaf just before we were about to walk down the aisle, dad had to hold my hands still. At this time I hadn't cried yet. When David walked up to dad and I to step up to the altar, he shook my dad's hand and said "it is such a privilege to have a friend as my father in law", the tears started flowing, but I soon controlled them.

We had our wedding ceremony at Gartrell Memorial Church. Choir members from my old school, Wilderness School, sang during the ceremony. They sang 'The Irish Blessing' and 'The Prayer'. One of my teacher's from school also played 'Jesu of Man's Desiring' on his trumpet during the signing of the register. We also had a quartet playing.

Our reception was held at The Raddison Playford, and it was just wonderful! We had a 2 piece band for entertainment, and they played John Lennon's 'Stand By Me' as our bridal waltz, which we had professional lessons for - it was beautiful. The only thing I would change (which is impossible anyway) is the weather. One of my bridesmaid's was struggling so much with the heat that she attracted a lot of attention during the ceremony, and I think a lot of people will remember that aspect over the vows etc. The poor thing! During her speech at the reception she said "Yes, it was me that almost fainted".

For our honeymoon we went to Fiji and it was wonderful! We stayed at the Warwick Fiji for 8 nights and had a blast. We swam, snorkelled, swam, drank cocktails, snorkelled, walked along the beach, ate coconuts, and snorkelled some more.

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