Love at first handshake

Sarah and Martin

Saturday, 10 October 2020

The Romance

We had a mutual friend who invited to me (the bride) to one of Martin’s, "Marty Party’s" which was an eventful night filled with endless fun and happiness! I was not drinking as I was the designated driver for some friends for the night. As for the host, Marty, let’s just say obviously he was a little inebriated! However despite that, for me it was love at first handshake!

But wait there's more! His gorgeous red hair and beautiful blue eyes! I am not joking when I say, people think he's an Ed Sheeran look alike! Let’s not leave out that I also met his Mum too at 6am when the party was still going! She says she just remembers meeting a lovely girl with a big smile! So we hop, skip & jump to the next day where I go back to his house and end up staying and having a beautiful dinner with him and his very welcoming parents. His feelings were very much the same and let's just say we were inseparable since 2015!

Sarah and Martin Bagger   Sarah and Martin Bagger

The Proposal

Returning from a well spent holiday on the 9th of October in 2018 something very special and unexpected happened… Martin and his sneaky, secretive and unexpected ways had me completely fooled!

We had arrived home after a long journey, I changed straight into my pyjamas "my comfy’s" and we started to organise our souvenirs. We had laid our goodies out on the spare room bed and for some reason it felt like we were missing some. So silly me, being completely oblivious, listened to Martin and his suggestion which was that I check one of the bags in our living room area to see if any were hiding in there. I say "silly" because while my head was buried in the bag I did not have any luck finding any more souvenirs because we had everything out already! I was yelling out to Martin in doubt saying "Are you sure its in the blue bag?" and "are you sure there are more in here?" as he was still in the other room.

I persisted and I found this blue bag and opened it. In it was a small, shiny, beautiful brown box…this box had a wedding band in it…I didn’t know what to think, It was a moment of "Was I meant to see this?!" Before you know it, his voice is not so distant and sounds like its coming from right behind me ... I turn around and he is down on one knee asking me to marry him! Obviously I said yes!

Then we did our laundry!! Very simple, very us and still a total surprise!

The Planning

We were so fortunate with our planning. Everyone involved was so supportive and positive especially with Covid-19 turning everyone's worlds upside down! There were a few minor concerns as time went on mainly because no one likes the unknown! We just kept planning as if Covid didn't exist. We were planning for about 2 years and by the time our wedding day arrived, we were ready to get hitched! We both enjoyed the whole process.

A lot of what went into the planning happened in good time and importantly early on and for the things that could be left until a later time, were dealt with "later" with no issues or stresses. Now I think about it, my wedding dress stressed me out!!!

I found creating a scrapbook of inspiration to also be very helpful and I documented changes and that for me, kept the planning fun and exciting! We were both very hopeful for the best kind of weather but of course we were going to get married regardless! "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst" vibes! In saying that, we did also have a backup plan!

Sarah and Martin Bagger   Sarah and Martin Bagger

The Wedding Day

Well! The BIG day arrived and it was more beautiful than we expected. There was a very light breeze, the temperature was 21 degrees celsius and during the night, it was cool but not freezing! PERFECT for an October wedding! We both have our parents living in Wagga and we got ready at our parents homes! The beauty of Wagga being the size it is, nowhere is far to go! We did NOT see each other before the ceremony, however we were messaging each other! We both had such a blast getting ready!

Martin and the groomsmen were very relaxed, Martin's parents and the dog, Scotty were all there enjoying and sharing the excitement and all had slept in, took their time getting ready, enjoyed their brekky, many laughs and special moments were had. One moment that brought a tear was a gift I sent to my In-Laws to open on our wedding day! Everyone gets to feel special!

As for the Bride, (yours truly), my parents and bridesmaids…We were also very relaxed, but it was a very busy household! It started off quiet and calm and then very quickly became very busy and the time just got away! I woke up early very ready to be a bride and super relaxed and excited all at the same time! My Mum, Dad, Cat, Coco, my bridesmaids, Charlotte, Amber and Pamela and Pam's son, Grayson were all there celebrating with me! I was embracing, enjoying and soaking up each moment which is actually harder than you think when there is so much happening! It became more surreal after everything settled, and that was when I was just about to get into my dress…"This it is, it's real time honey!"

Sarah and Martin Bagger   Sarah and Martin Bagger

The Ceremony

Now let's go get married!

We got married at a venue called "The Wild Vine Vineyard". A Winery like no othe, one could even call it a boutique farm! We share a love for the outdoors, so we had an outdoor ceremony. The perfect opportunity to soak up the beautiful scenery, the sunshine, and to experience something that you would never experience any other day!. We got married between two beautiful BIG gum trees and behind was the most stunning corrugated fence! Guests were seated under fairy lights! We loved all the Australian characteristics. Everything was so picturesque!

Sarah and Martin Bagger   Sarah and Martin Bagger

The Reception

We both have an extensive, diverse taste in music. I walked down the aisle to "I see fire Instrumental" by Enrico. Our signing song, "L.O.V.E' by Nat King Cole. We celebrated dancing back down the aisle as Mr & Mrs Bagger to "TWO HEARTS" by Phil Collins. Our entrance to reception song: "Conga" by Miami Sound Machine. Our first dance song: "Be my life's companion" by Louis Armstrong. Father, Daughter dance song: "The way you look tonight" by Frank Sinatra.

For our decorations, we kept it simple. A variety of items that were hired and were our own. We had two barrels with vibrant, native, floral arrangements sitting on top. One barrel was placed at the start of the aisle and the other was at the entrance to reception. Our gift table, vintage mailbox, card sign, rustic table seating sign, rustic welcome sign, signing table, arbour were borrowed from the venue. Our ring holder, candles, handmade reserved seating was ours. I already feel like I am forgetting things! We also had customised hand sanitiser's, customised can openers and succulents for our guests.

The joys of having everything in the one place…we had an indoor reception at "The Wild Vine Vineyard", so when it was time for our guests to go inside, they walked into a charming, rustic, cosy, spacious reception. While it was a beautiful day, the fireplace totally set the mood and it created the most snug reception. There were also candles lit, fairy lights across the wooden beams, a fairy light backdrop, small native arrangements on tables with white table runners and foliage, handmade name placements and floral pieces attached. We had a simple approach as we didn't want too much clutter on tables. Our bridal table had a rustic, wooden, "Mr & Mrs Bagger" sign.

The real eye catcher, the floor to ceiling windows! A window of opportunity, to take it all in and enjoy the views of the winery and the sun setting! A lot of natural light coming through too!

Sarah and Martin Bagger

The Honeymoon

Due to Covid-19 we were all over the shop as to what to do with our honeymoon and where to go! After a couple of attempts and different approaches and ideas. We reached a conclusion of traveling to destinations within NSW that we had never been before that would also work within our traveling time frame of 2 weeks. We went to Coffs Harbour, The Hunter Valley, Byron Bay, Armidale, and Dubbo! Let's be real, our FAVOURITE destination was The Hunter Valley! And might I recommend a helicopter tour that picks you up, then drops you off to breakfast, different wineries and lunch! AND even drops you at your accommodation….Which not only is romantic experience but is truly an adventure!

Wedding Advice

Time gets away from you, be plenty of research, there are always options, have fun! It's truly rewarding..on your wedding day you get to see all your planning come together and its really very magic. Step back and take, not just one moment, but many to soak it in!

If ever you are stuck as to what to do for gifts on your wedding's what we did …but there's a twist. (Inspiration)

The very special people part of your day, parents, your loved ones…it's a big day for them too! I wanted everyone to feel included, appreciated, and special. Both of our Mum's decided not to have a corsage. So I did something else for our parents.

For my In Laws, I got them a beautiful engraved photo frame and a hand made card. The engraving was a poem I put together:-
To Bente & Steen,
This special day is a celebration of love,
To come together and unite as one,
My heart is so grateful for all you have done,
Thank you for raising a beautiful son.

For my parents:-
A faceless artwork of them celebrating in Wagga after their wedding along with a hand made card. Faceless art is unique, mysterious, fun and special gift!

These are gifts that are special and really make a loved one feel special. They are great conversation starters and perfect for reminiscing.


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