Love at First Sight

Selena and Josh

Monday, 27 Nov 2017

The Romance

We met when we were just 8yo. Our parents worked together and it was at a work Christmas party. I remember walking in and seeing his gorgeous blonde hair and when he turned around it was like in slow motion. I thought he was adorable! We would go to each others houses and hang out after that and spend time together when we would go to our parents work to help out on the holidays but we lost contact for a few years as I got sick and spent a long time in hospital.

When we were teenagers we got in contact acgain and we would try to visit each other as much as possible on weekends but it was hard living in towns 20mins apart, so we would talk on the home phone every night for hours. We clearly liked each other but neither of us had the courage to say it. Eventually he asked me, "does this mean we are dating?" I asked "do you want us to be dating?", he said yes and I said well then we are dating and that was when we were 16.

Selena and Josh Williams   Selena and Josh Williams

The Proposal

When I was 22yo I found out that he still remembered what dress I was wearing the night we first met and that he didn't want the night to end. We both talk about it regularly and we didn't know it then because of how young we were but looking back, we believe it was love at first sight.


Selena and Josh Williams   Selena and Josh Williams

The Planning

Planning the day was so fun, we had two years to plan and there were so many things we loved and wanted to incorporate and neither of us are good at making up our minds so lucky we did have so much time but that two years went so quickly and of course things got a bit hectic a few months before but no surprise there. It was great because everything fell into place so well and it was a dream come true!

The Wedding Day

The Day started off raining and there had been severe weather warnings for days beforehand but luckily by lunch time it all cleared up and it was a beautiful day. We got ready in different houses so we didn't see each other. Josh with his best mates and also had help from our trusty uncle/chauffeur. I got ready with my best friends, bridesmaids, aunties, godmothers and my mother. The day would not have been the same without everyone.


Selena and Josh Williams   Selena and Josh Williams


The Ceremony

Our ceremony was held under the beautiful arbour at Eagle Ridge Weddings on the Mornington Peninsula and was so perfect, the florist decorated the arbour beautifully. We were both excited/nervous until we laid eyes on each other and in that moment everything else disappeared into the background and it seemed like we were the only two people in the world and we couldn't take our eyes off each other.

The ceremony didn't happen on time because the groom was running late for a change but that is only because my mother surprised Josh with her welcome to the family gift - that he got to arrive to the wedding in a helicopter! I watched them land from a side door and It was wonderful to see the big grin on his face when he got out. but it was even more amazing to see how much bigger that smile became when I was coming towards him on horse and carriage. When we stood in front of each other we became emotional but he held himself together better than I did, it was the most perfect moment. /p>


The Reception

Our reception was in the beautiful ballroom at Eagle Ridge and it was fantastic, the food was to die for and everyone had so much fun playing games and dancing. The speeches were emotional and hilarious with even the staff of the building laughing their heads off and I cannot be thankful and blessed enough for it all. The entire day was the best day in our lives and to this day I still wish the day had not ended but we look forward to the rest of eternity together for what could be an even better one tomorrow.


Selena and Josh Williams   Selena and Josh Williams


The Honeymoon

We went to Fiji for our honeymoon and it went quickly but when your having fun time does seem to fly. We loved our first week at the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort was fantastic! The staff were amazing and so was the buffet food everyday it was something different (we tried waffles for the first time and loved them) and the other restaurants food were mouthwatering, we also went to the Wild Adventure Park, the spa, and did so many other fun this around the resort. The second week was at the Warwick and we played mini golf, went ziplining, went on a Mamanuca Islands Cruise on a Motor Yacht and enjoyed just enjoyed the beach, relaxing and being together in a beautiful place.


Wedding Advice ...

The day will be what you make it, if you stress and see the negative in things not going to plan then you will not enjoy the amazing moment you and your partner are having together. If you see the positive in things and focus on you both in the beautiful moment together, then everything else melts away and no one and nothing can upset your day. Remember the little moments together, that look he gives you when no one is looking, the smile she has when looking at you from afar and the little I love you's exchanged between photos, all are so precious and stand out the most when looking back on the day and the one you love.

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