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Emma and Brian

Married Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Romance

I was brought up in a small town called Kojonup. I then moved to Albany to do High School. I started a TAFE course but knew I wouldn't be able to start a career in Albany, so at 21 I decided to moved to Perth. I had my sister there, but knew noone. I thought I'd try meeting people by joining a sport and signed up on a dating site. I was scrolling through the list of guys one night and I saw Brian. I was like "WOW, he is so good looking, Perfect age, had a lot of things in common from what he wrote on his account and didn't live too far away".

To me it was love at first site. I then contacted him. Didn't really think he would take much notice of me. But we chatted and decided to catch up. I went over to his house to watch a movie. I did have my sister on speed dial just in case he was a creep. haha. We watched a movie and talked about everything. After the movie finished I said I should leave as it was a Wednesday night and we had to work the next day. As I got up he asked if we could hang out again and I said yes. He said he would cook me dinner next time. I went back for the next date and he surprised me with risotto as an entree, lasagna for main then a chocolate dessert. I was so surprised. This guy can cook. Perfect because I am terrible. A few weeks later he invited me to a mates birthday party so I could meet some of his friends. That night about 10pm he started introducing me as his girlfriend and it stuck! After a year we moved in with each other. Talked about building or buying a house and I think at that point we knew we wanted to get married. I am a residential drafter so building and designing my own house was always what I wanted to do.

Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson   Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson

The Proposal

One day we thought lets do it. Lets go and look at established houses and see if we'd prefer to buy instead of build. We spent a Saturday, August 3rd going around looking at houses in the area. We were pretty interested in one particular house. About 3:30pm we decided to take our fur babies for a walk at the park and discuss what we wanted to do. We still had the building option in our heads. We had made a decision to build as it would be cheaper and we could have what we want. After the walk I went into our room and sat on the bed checking my phone. Brian came into the room with a glass of red wine. I turned around and was like "haha is there a ring in there?" just mucking around. I don't even know why I even thought of saying it. He gave me the biggest smirk and said "No!" passed me the wine and I laughed. He did this big belly flop on the bed, rolled over to his drawer, rolled back to me and said "But will you marry me" I was shocked and laughed as it wasn't your traditional, down on one knee proposal. It was so Brian. And thats what I love about him. I don't even remember saying yes. But it was the best day ever!

Bride, Mel's wedding dress and purple shoes   Bride Mel Jeffries, with her Father

The Planning

We got engaged August 2014. So we had about 1.5 years to plan. I think that was a good amount of time to plan and save. We were also building a house. It was really tough. We saved money by living with Brians parents for 6 months while building. Definitely couldn't have done the wedding and the house without them. We are so grateful.

I had always wanted to get married. My old laptop had dresses, cakes, flowers, everything for a wedding, I started looking at this stuff when I was 16. So my wedding was already planned .... No it wasn't! My tastes had changed big time. There was nothing in those pictures I liked. I found planning really hard. I had images in my head that I wanted. But they were so expensive. An outdoor cocktail was definitely something we wanted. I looked at marquees and along a river but it seemed too hard to organise and I was so paranoid about the weather. March should be the perfect time of year but you can't predict anything. I felt a bit of anxiety about the weather so decided to choose a venue that would have both the indoor outdoor vibe. Brian really liked the Sandalford Estate. The Oakroom had both indoor and outdoor. So we picked that venue. I had my dress made by Paula and Jo Dressmakers. I had so many different things that I liked for a dress but nothing I could find in store. I was so disappointed after trying on 100's of dresses. The dress was started in December and finished 3 days before the wedding. It was an interesting and exciting process.

I had the best support. My mother in law was amazing. She helped me out so much. Buying decorations, making things & coming to every dress fitting. I couldn't have done it without her. I also had my mum, she lived in Albany so couldnt really help with the physical things but she was my rock all the way through it all. She was there when I cried, when I wanted to just elope and give up and when I kept saying we can't afford this, she helped me get through it. I also had a lot of help from my bridesmaids. One in particular worked FIFO, so on her weeks off she would be running around buying little bits and bobs. These girls also threw the best hens party. The are truly the best bunch of girls I could ask for. So easy and so helpful. I love them.

The week before the wedding was crazy. Even though I was organised, I was a mess. I was so stressed. I remember saying it was the worst week of my life. I don't remember eating. And the whole 1.5 years of trying to lose weight where I had no luck. That week sure did strip me a few kilos.

Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson   Groom, Tim Jeffries with his groomsmen

The Wedding Day

We had no family or guest issues with invites and plus ones. My family and friends are awesome. We were so lucky in that aspect. You do hear a lot of stories of family tiffs regarding invites. From January 2016 I was constantly looking at the weather. That was still something that was worrying me. My ceremony was outdoor and there was no way I was going to move it indoors. The weather would say sunny, then raining, then sunny, then raining. It was freaking me out. But I couldn't do anything until the week before and even then you still don't know exactly what it was going to do. The Monday before the wedding it said morning showers for Saturday. Mum went out and bought 6 clear umbrellas. She thought if we bought them now maybe that could change the weathers mind and we won't need them. haha.

The night before the wedding. I had my bridesmaids with me. One was from Albany so we had 1 night to go meet up with the boys and practise our bridal entrance together. we did it in about an hour. Then went out separate ways. I stayed at my place and Brian stayed at his mums with the boys. Us girls watched the movie Bridesmaids and all slept on mattresses in the lounge. I had to take sleeping tablets. Still worrying about the weather. At 2am. The bridesmaids dresses, hanging on a rack came tumbling down on one of my bridesmaids. We all got a shock. Laughed for a while then went back to sleep, but I didn't.

Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson   Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson, wedding flowers

At 5am we got up, packed the beds away. Made breakfast which was smashed avo & an egg on toast with a fruit platter. 6am my hair stylists arrived and started setting up. We had 8 people to have hair done. 6:30 we had our make up artists set up and started on the girls. All morning it was raining. I wasn't nervous and I wasn't excited. I just wanted that rain to stop. Every few minutes the sun would come out and I'd get excited then it would rain again. Mum was messaging other people on the other side of Perth asking if they had rain etc. Once my hair and make up were done and the photographer & Videographer arrived. I started getting excited. I said I didn't care about the rain. I said Im not going to cancel or change the time. We will get married in the rain if we have to. Then my dad rocked up with all the bouquets and it started feeling real.

After some photos while I was getting ready, the photographer, Melissa. had arranged the girls to stand outside my room. When I saw them for the first time I thought "WOW" i have some stunning bridesmaids. And they were all commenting on my dress & myself. Melissa then asked my dad if he would come out to see me. Man, Seeing my dad just made me burst into tears. The way he looked at me was like I was the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Even writing this part makes me tear up when I think of the way he looked at me.

The Limo arrived and we were early. So drove around a little bit. I was busting to go to the toilet. There was no way I could get married then continue with photos without the toilet first. The limo driver asked a woman outside there house if I could use there toilet and she said yes. Such a lovely lady and a strange experience to wee with your wedding dress on.

Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson with wedding guests   Wedding rings

The Ceremony

We arrived at the ceremony and the sun came out, there were patches of blue sky. It was the perfect weather for our ceremony. The Ceremony was held at Hyde Park, in the middle of the two ponds. Our set up was done by Heart Strings and Pretty Little things, Our wine barrels were set up by Hire Wine Barrels, Flowers were done by Tracy from Unique Flowers and Fine Art, We had a drinks station from Divine Wedding and Event Planners, Amy Molloy who over saw everything, set up my DIY decorations & played our music. Our Wedding Ceremony was quite quick. We didn't want a long traditional one. Photos followed on after the ceremony. We had some at Hyde Park, but were on a very strict time schedule as we had multiple locations and not much time. Our second location of photos were in the city down Wolfe Lane & King Street. It started pouring, we were all drenched but still had so much fun. The bottom of my dress and my train were disgusting. We dried off in the limo on the way to the Sandalford. Which is where we had our next photo shoot with my mums horses. Horses have always been a big part of my life. So I needed them at my wedding in some way. After that it was time to enter into the reception. Thats when the party started.......

Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson   Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson, wedding flowers

The Reception

Our Reception was at the Sandalford Winery. Set up beautifully. We had so many vendors, Love Letters, Bride + Groom, Owl & Bear, Da Do Ron Ron, Unique Flowers & Fine art, Mikonic, Amy Molloy setting up my DIY dessert buffet and all my decorations. I was told the food was amazing. No one went home hungry. The drinks were great & they loved that we asked for them to have a bar as well as catered service. No one was waiting around. Best night ever. Everyone enjoyed the photo booth. Everyone liked having the indoor outdoor environment and everyone loved the music. It was all round a fun night and everyone mingled and danced all night.

Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson with wedding guests   Wedding rings

The Honeymoon

Our Honeymoon was in Hawaii. We left a week later because we didn't want to miss out on one our other friends weddings. Weddings are so fun. We went for 8 days. Wasn't enough time for a trip to Hawaii, but we both didn't have any annual leave for work as we had both gotten new jobs. Hawaii was amazing. Would definitely recommend it. So much adventure and lovely beaches and weather.

If I had my time again ...

Parts of me still wanted a wedding reception along the river with a marquee. But I loved our wedding.Everything was perfect. Id probably want more time for photos, I'd want to have a chance to eat & drink something at our reception. And I would have liked to have talked and danced with everyone more.

Wedding Advice ...

Don't stress about the weather. When you love someone and you want to marry them you won't care whether its rain, hail or shine as long as you get to say I DO at the end. Plus the best photos are when it rains.

Most memorable

The most memorable part for me was walking down to our starting point before walking the aisle. I could see Brian trying to look at me through the trees and shrubs. Then seeing his face as I walked down the aisle.

Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson   Bride & Groom, Emma & Brian Stevenson, wedding flowers

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