Meant to Be

Paige and Joseph

Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

The Romance

We have both been in the same church for over 16 years. Pretty much grew up there and our families were always quite close since we both had brothers and sisters the same age. Although growing up together we were never in the same friendship groups and he was always that weird older guy that I knew of, but only from a distance. So as we got older the friendship groups changed and I noticed he started hanging out with the people I was hanging out with. We got talking and all my friends said we would end up together but again all I could think was ‘he's that weird older guy, I’ve always known’. But as time went on and we talked more he showed interest and eventually asked me out, I was a little hesitant at first but said yes and never looked back. We were seeing each other for about 6 months before we became official and in that moment we knew that this was it and that we were meant to be together forever. We started officially dating and continued to for just under 2 years.

Paige and Joseph Williams   Paige and Joseph Williams

The Proposal

We were talking about getting married and had conversations about what kind of wedding and when we were thinking. I had a ring that I found online that I fell in love with but unfortunately it wasn’t made in Australia anywhere. So Joe found a jeweller and had it made. He asked my Dad for permission and then Tuesday night the 21st of November 2017 he took me to the beach and proposed. He organised a photographer to hide and take photos of the special moment. It was quite funny really because I was fussing trying to lay my towel out and sort things and he was trying to get my attention and I said "Joe just wait, I'm busy trying to fix my towel!" I then turned and realised what was happening and was like “ohh...”, (insert shocked face) haha. Then he went on to say how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. How could I resist I said “Yes!” without hesitation.


Paige and Joseph Williams   Paige and Joseph Williams

The Planning

Planning of our wedding was quite easy we had 16 months to do it in. I did most of it with a family friend who has been like a second mum to me and is a natural when planning weddings. Joe works a lot and I do shift work so it was easy for me to organise the main things. We went together to choose the reception venue, food, wedding cake and wedding photographer. Joe was great and organised all the suits and booked all that and also sorted transport for us as I wasn’t fussed what we had. He also organised the music and finalised the menu. I organised the decorations and the smaller details of things. But all in all it was quite a fun and easy process for us. We had an awesome engagement party, and just tried to make sure we enjoyed it all. The family was great and willing to help wherever they could which was great. Joe and my Dad made some amazing wooden rustic benches and tables for the engagement party. As it got closer to the day there were a few tense moments with some of the bridal party but it was all sorted and forgotten by the time the day came around and we all just enjoyed it.


Paige and Joseph Williams   Paige and Joseph Williams

The Wedding Day

The day was the best day both of us have ever had. I got ready at home with my mum, sisters and best friend. Joe got ready at his brother’s house with his groomsmen. We didn’t see each other before the ceremony, I was just so excited though and couldn’t believe the day was finally here. We sat around and had breakfast before all the action started. We enjoyed snacking while getting our hair and makeup done. The boys enjoyed just hanging out before heading to the venue to await our arrival. I was calm and didn’t really have that “bridal moment” or stress moment at all, although my dress did break before we left the house and that was a little stressful at the time but was quickly resolved. Joe wasn’t nervous at all either he was just excited for me to arrive. We had a lot of friends from church there and all our family at the wedding, and the day couldn’t have been any more perfect for us.


Paige and Joseph Williams   Paige and Joseph Williams

The Ceremony

The ceremony was an outdoor ceremony at chateau Yaldara. The setting was beautiful and relaxed and the music was light and romantic. There were seats for family and elderly people. The remainder of the guests were standing, we had a larger ceremony with a lot of our church family there along with others we both grew up with. There weren’t really many decorations as the venue alone was so beautiful, we had a welcome sign and some other small decorations as people walked onto the grass area. The mood was excitement and anticipation as they were waiting for the bridesmaids and me to arrive.


Paige and Joseph Williams   Paige and Joseph Williams

The Reception

We had a smaller reception of 80 people, with our family and close friends, it was held in the barrel hall at Chateau Yaldara. It was absolutely beautiful we had fairy lights twinkling above us and we set the "stage" up with hundreds of jars and candles and twinkle lights it was like a dream. The food was shared platters of roast chicken, beef and fish with veggies. The cake was a beautiful 3 tier burnt butter mud cake. There were a few speeches, dancing and a whole lot of fun and beautiful memories made with those closest to us.

The Honeymoon

We went to Thailand for our honeymoon. It was a fun and beautiful holiday and the best part was that I was exploring and enjoying every moment with my best friend and now husband. We went on a tour of the Phi Phi islands that was amazing and the scenery and snorkelling was like it was from a movie. We also spent one day with elephants feeding and giving them mud baths. The rest of the trip we just lazed around drinking cocktails, swimming in the pool and going to the night markets. Pure bliss.

Wedding Advice ...

Take your time planning and enjoy it as much as possible it only happens once (generally). Be sure to make every bit of it reflect you as a couple. Ours had amazing food that people still talk about to this day, it was also relaxed and people were about to enjoy themselves. So make it reflect you as a couple and enjoy every moment you have planning and on the day.

Most Memorable

The most memorable moments for me were when Joe and I got to go and have our photos just the 2 of us and the photographers. It was so nice for is to just be wrapped up in each other’s presence, take photos, laugh and kiss. Along with the alone photos the first dance was the best part. The rest of the room faded away like no one was there but the two of us talking about how much we love and care for each other and how much we enjoyed our day and again were completely wrapped up in each others presence.


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