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Daniel Gray & Andrea Gray

Married Saturday, 14 December 2002

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Wedding Stories

Daniel and I met on an Internet site called and started keeping in touch as friends. Then we grew closer and closer and Daniel paid for my ticket to meet him in Okinawa, Japan where he was stationed in the United States Air Force.

When we first met at the airport it was like we had known each other for years. We got on famously right away and couldn't stop talking and talking. A two-week holiday ended up becoming a six-month vacation in a place I had never been before with a person I had never met before.

Things happened so fast, that to this day I have never looked back. I am glad we met the way we did. He was so different to any guy I had met, funny, silly, and serious at times, a hard worker and a party guy as well as a good family man. He was everything in my eyes.

I stayed with him until he got deployed to Turkey on March 2001. Daniel proposed to me on Valentines Day, but as I was really sick in bed with the flu his plans had to change. He ended up calling my parents first, whom he hadn't met, and asked my father for permission. He then asked me to marry him while they where still on the telephone in Australia.

So he asked me to marry him while I was sick as a dog in bed with the flu, then ended up making me my favourite food of steamed prawns and seafood and bringing me water and orange juice (not forgetting my antibiotics) in bed on a tray. To this day I will never forget that day and how he proposed to me.

Well after Daniel got deployed out to Turkey with the Air Force I had to come back to Brisbane. We then decided the wedding should be in Australia as I had more family here. We selected the date, 17th Nov 2001. However, this didn't eventuate because once September 11th 2001 happened he was called out to Afghanistan.

I dropped everything once again for him and flew out to Okinawa because I thought I might not see him for a long while. However, they ended up sending other troops and he was eventually deployed out to Las Vegas.

We ended up postponing our wedding anyway, as I found out I was pregnant. We decided it would be better for us to wait a year so after our baby was born, I could lose my weight and still have my fairytale wedding. My family would then be able to meet Daniel and the baby at the same time. That they did in November 2002.

We had our very traditional Catholic wedding at St Peter and Paul's church in Bulimba. With a big Organist playing and a Catholic Priest. We had planned a 30-minute ceremony but it ended up being a little quicker as we were running around 30 minutes late. Typically the day didn't go to plan. My Aunt, who flew in from South Africa the night before the wedding, went into hospital so I wouldn't go ahead until she arrived and the hospital only released her 12.30.

It was a very extremely hot humid day, it was so bad our make up was running off before we even got to the wedding ceremony. Air conditioning was pumping in all cars. However, it was beautiful not a cloud in the sky. Daniel was very relaxed, whilst I was very hyped up and nervous as I entered the church. There were so many things that happened so wonderfully and I enjoyed every moment of it. It ended up being very romantic, beautiful and very fairytale like.

My mother, who was my Bridal Consultant, had done the entire running around and organising everything. It was all done from scratch, all I did was ask for this and that and she looked for or hired people to do it and put it all together.

We had a beautiful reception, held in a hall with 120 people. We had hired decorators, but did everything on the tables ourselves. Everything was hand made, from the flowers, centrepieces, favours, everything was personalised, I even engraved things with our own engraver. My father even made the candelabra's himself. It was wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing.

Our honeymoon was just one night in the Legends Hotel down on the Gold Coast. It was a wonderful night. We had the Deluxe Honeymoon suite, slept in all the next day to catch up on our sleep. It was very peaceful.

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