Cassandra and Michael Bateup,
Married Friday, 8 October

Netball Romance

Cassandra & Mark Bateup

Cassandra & Mark Bateup

We met when we where kids but our relationship didn’t start until we were a little older.   We both played netball against each other, my first memory of Michael was him elbowing me in the stomach in a grand final and making me cry, we were 11 years old.  We got together many years later, at a netball end of season trip. 

Once we had decided to get married it took us around12 months to arrange our wedding.

The planning was like organising a netball carnival.  There were moments that it felt like it would never happen, but making it more about us and what we like was so much fun.  I tell you Michael was like a brideziller it was so funny.   

My Bridal party consisted of my high school best friends and my daughter and her best friend.  The coming together of besties for the girls.  The boys were Michael’s best friend and other mate, and my two sons. So togetherness was their theme.

The ceremony was held on a netball court.  On the same courts and same end where Michael had elbowed me some 25+ years ago.  Even the celebrant dressed as the umpire in white tails.  It was a dream come true.

The most memorable moment was when we arrived to the netball hall for the reception where we had our first dance as our entrance.  We had done this many times before. But never with the dress or the hop on.  We were fumbling all over the place.  But it was so much fun.

We had a wedding planner decorate the local netball hall.  It looked amazing. Couldn’t believe how much better their ideas were.  “OMG” I would say to anyone use a wedding planner even for set up on the day.

For our honeymoon we went to the Gold Coast - it was short but amazing to get away. A must even staying at a local b &.My gift to my husband was simple, a hand towel embroided with our favorite saying.  He wrote me a poem and framed it.  Keeping your gifts to each other small and meaningful .

Cassandra & Mark Bateup Cassandra & Mark Bateup
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