Persistency to Marriage

Megan and Kyle

Monday, 21 September 2020

The Romance

Kyle and I first met at primary school when Kyle asked to be my friend, I said no and walked away. Seven years later, after going through primary school and high school together in different friend groups we met up at a party. After this party Kyle was very persistent in taking me on a date. A few months had passed, we had been on a few dates, and the 3rd time Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend I finally said yes. He wasn’t going to give up and I will be forever grateful for this as I cannot imagine my life without him. We loved adventuring and going on weekends away. After 5 years of being together one day Kyle woke up and said let’s move to Darwin. We were both born and raised in Wagga Wagga and thought why not give it a go. So we moved to Darwin, and have now been here for 3.5 years and are loving our adventure in the Northern Territory.

Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Proposal

In the NT there is a super popular restaurant called Pee Wee’s on the point, the food is to die for! I had been asking Kyle to take me here for about 2 years and finally he decided to take me on a date to Pee Wee's. On 26th October 2018 we got all dressed up and were on our way to our date, he stopped at Mindil beach and said he had to show me something. Mindil Beach was where we first watched a sunset together when we moved to Darwin. Right on sunset Kyles gets down on one knee to propose. At first I thought it was a joke because he proposed with the wedding band just to see my reaction, I was pretty confused so he pulled out the engagement ring pretty fast. Typical Kyle to try pull a joke like that. Anyway, the engagement ring was beautiful and of course I said YES! We then went on to have our amazing date at Pee Wee’s. 

Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Planning

Kyle and I decided to get married in Wagga as it would be easier for two of us to travel to Wagga to get married than for 60 plus family and friends to travel to Darwin. Planning a wedding from the other side of the country required a lot of work but we enjoyed every minute of it! We had 1 trip to Wagga in November 2018 to visit family. During this time we checked out wedding venues and we had a small engagement party with our close family and friends. I had another trip planned to Wagga in February 2019 for my sisters 21st Birthday Party. I used this time to try on wedding dresses and go with the bridesmaids to try on their dresses. Apart from these two trips, everything else was planned from Darwin. All our vendors were amazing and made it so easy and we had a lot of help from family in Wagga which was greatly appreciated.

Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Wedding Day

If there was ever a wedding that put on the perfect weather spectacle it was ours! It had everything from dust storms, high winds, rain and the perfect sunset. The boys got ready at Kyles parents house and us girls got ready ay my parents house. We all had a great morning getting dolled up by The Glow Lab Makeup & Beauty and Unique Edge. Kyle and I decided to do a first look down by the river. This was such a special moment, and although it is untraditional, we are so glad we did it. It was great to have that special moment by ourselves before being surrounded by our beautiful family and friends the rest of the day.

Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Ceremony

Our ceremony and reception were both held at Millwood Lane, about 30 minutes drive from Wagga Wagga. Our Celebrant, Scott Chambers (Tie the Knot with Scott) was amazing. Kyle and I got to say our vows infront of 87 of our closest family and friends. We had both of our mums as our witnesses which was very special for us. Kyle and were lucky enough to have 6 groomsmen, 6 bridesmaids, Kyles niece as flower girl and my little cousin as our page boy all stand by our side on our magical day. The ceremony was out in the open at the picturesque Millwood Lane out in the open on the green grass with Millwood’s country backdrop.


Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Reception

Our reception went off without a hitch, there were many toasts made by family and friends. Kyle and I had our first dance to perfect by Ed Sheeran before inviting the rest of the congregation to join us for one almighty party. Kyle and I honestly had the best day of our lives. Everything went to plan, we had nothing to stress about on the day and all of our guests had the best time. We would do this day over and over again (if we could afford it haha) because it was just that AMAZING!


Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Honeymoon

We were very lucky and had 2 honeymoons. A few days after the wedding we went to Magnetic Island and stayed in a beach hut for a few night to relax and unwind. In December/January we went to New Zealand for 4 weeks, hired a car and spent 2 weeks in North Island and 2 weeks in South Island. We had the most amazing time exploring NZ!

Wedding Advice

My advice is to enjoy every single moment, the planning, getting ready and actually getting married. The day goes so fast so remember to take time to stop and enjoy every moment, and remember the day is all about you! Kyle and I really enjoyed doing a first look. We felt as though it gave us a special moment alone, the only time during the day we had together alone and it was very special. Our day was so perfect, I was prepared for things to go wrong and had told myself at the start of the day if things do go wrong don’t stress because they day will still be amazing, but nothing went wrong. It was literally the best day of our lives!

Megan and Kyle McGregor

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