Picnic by candlelight

Lydia and Joel

Married Saturday, 07 May 2016

The Romance

Joel and I had always known about each other through family friends and had actually attended secondary school together, so we can't really say it was "love at first sight" but when we were 12 and 13 years old, we really were in two different worlds and "girls still had germs". It was really when we went to University together that we started to see a lot more of each other. Joel was hilarious and we loved spending time together, so the best thing to do was start dating.

Bride & Groom, Lydia & Joel Dish   Bride & Groom, Lydia & Joel Dish

The Proposal

Joel had help from my sisters and best friend for the proposal. I had an inkling that a proposal was coming, but I was completely thrown on the night, even when he kept getting calls from his "mum" and hurrying me to get ready. He took me to one of my favorite places called Vaughn Springs and as we drove in there were lights and candles set up around a picnic dinner with all of my favorites. He wrote me a song and got down on one knee, and of course I said YES!

The Planning

We had about 10 months to plan for the big day, and with so much support, the planning was quite smooth. We had everyone on board and were able to delegate, as we needed.

Bride & Groom, Lydia & Joel Dish   Groom, Tim Jeffries with his groomsmen

The Wedding Day

Our wedding day was so far one of our favorite days of our lives. We loved having our family and friends with us and loved spending such a special day with everyone. The weather on the day was fantastic, which was surprising especially as the wedding was in May!

Joel and his groomsmen got ready at his parents home in Eppalock. My bridesmaids and I got ready at my sisters home so that the flower girls could also get ready with us. We were both quite nervous, but also excited!

The Ceremony

The ceremony was held in a local Castlemaine church, which is in a stunning old building. We had help from our friends and family for the music, and spent the day before preparing the decorations. The ceremony itself was great. I was so nervous having people watching, but it was fantastic. Our two flower girls danced whilst the music was played, which was adorable.

Following our ceremony, we had an afternoon tea so that we could see and chat with everyone. My mother in law did a fantastic job preparing and arranging all details of the afternoon tea, which everyone loved. The atmosphere of the whole day was exciting with so many smiles and plenty of laughter.

Bride & Groom, Lydia & Joel Dish   Bride & Groom, Lydia & Joel Dish, wedding flowers

The Reception

The reception was at the Tangled Maze just outside of Creswick, where Joel and I had actually been on a date earlier in our relationship. We had 120 of our closest friends and families attend. Joel absolutely loved the band, Paris by Night, and spent a lot of time on the dance floor. The food was delicious, and the speeches fantastic. We had a fantastic night!

Bride & Groom, Lydia & Joel Dish with wedding guests   Wedding rings

The Honeymoon

We spent two weeks in New Zealand on the South Island. We hired a car and travelled around the island going to plenty of sight seeing adventures. Joel loved the four-wheel quad bike adventure, and I loved the shotover jet. The scenery of the island is just stunning and so beautiful.

If I had my time again ...

we wished our day could have last much longer, with more dancing and mingling with our family and friends.

Wedding Advice ...

I would want to encourage other couples getting married to enjoy the planning of it all, and include your partner to help with things they're interested in. And most of all, to enjoy the wedding day! As much as I want to have the day again and again, I'm so glad that I got to see the guests that came and enjoy such a special day with my husband.

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