Private Gondola Proposal

Tara and Scott

Married Tuesday, 02 February 2016

The Romance

Scott & I met through a friend deep into our partying days! Scott wasn't shy in telling me how he felt early on. I loved this about him immediately! Then after just 3 months we moved in together! I'm 3yrs older than Scott, he's my best friend, we are actually polar opposite people but that's why it's so alive!

Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor   Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor

The Proposal

We set off on our first family holiday with our 6 week old baby girl. Scott told me that he had organised an early birthday pressie for me so to pack something nice to wear. A limousine picked us up with champagne and took us to the water where Scott walked me to a helicopter. Wow! I'd always wanted to go on one, what an amazing surprise.

We went on a beautiful scenic tour and had lots of fun photos when we landed. I thought it was such a great idea and thanked him for a wonderful experience, but it was not over yet!

We then approached a private gondola waiting with roses & chocolates. I didn't realise it was for us so commented how romantic and amazing it looked. Next
thing I knew, Scott was on his knee with the most beautiful bling ring in his hand! He says I still haven't said yes yet, I was happy crying while he burnt his knee on the hot ground!

I am one to watch proposals on YouTube but none that I have seen was as good as mine! I've never felt so special in all my life.

Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor   Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor

The Planning

We decided to get married exactly one year after getting engaged as this date was important to us! I had my wedding day all planned out in my head since I was little so I enjoyed the planning and ideas! Scott was very involved in every decision and my bridal party was helpful. I loved our mirror engraved invitations with chandeliers, I wanted to set the standard for our day with something different than paper! (I now often think about becoming a wedding planner!)

My Hens weekend was so extravagant; I knew my bridal party would throw something unique! We all wore vintage wedding dresses to cocktail making class and life drawing!

Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor   Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor

Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor   Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor

The Wedding Day

We got married on my late father in law's birthday. It was also a date I decided was my "favourite day of the year" when I was a child! The weather was nice and hot. The attendance of Scott's grandparents was important to us, this is why we decided not to marry in Bali. Our 1-year-old daughter stole the show though, coming down the aisle in her miniature remote control BMW with wedding ribbon! I couldn't wait to see Scott and our whole bridal party dressed to the nines, we were all so excited and they are all easy on the eye!! Nothing compares to getting pampered and ready with wine with your life long best friends. I gave the girls earrings and Mimco pouches for all they had done for our special day. Another favourite moment was giving our parents a memorable thank you gift. I could talk about this all day! I have pictured being a bride since I can ever remember and it was priceless.

Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor   Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor

The Ceremony

Our Ceremony was at the luxury - Anchorage, Port Stephens. The aisle was lined with rose petals and a table of sunglasses and ice blocks available! A candle was lit for Scotts dad which was very special to the family too. We said our vows under a flower arch with the Marina as our backdrop! When it was my turn to state my devotion to Scott, I accidentally said Demotion, oops luckily everyone laughed! We also had our daughter come up to receive a special gift, we wanted to involve her as much as possible so she could feel like a princess too!

Before I walked down the aisle I was standing proudly with my dad, just so so happy and thought to myself "I've waited for this moment since I can EVER remember".

Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor   Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor

The Reception

We all walked into our reception to rap songs which was a little different to the norm and super fun! I loved our backdrop - chandeliers and a HUGE Mr and Mrs Mellor sign that we had made. We had Lemons as centerpieces and each guests name on black wine glasses, which were a hit. Our best man had the funniest speech of all time and our wedding entertainment was worth every penny! We left the reception at midnight with a sparkler farewell, we felt like royalty. Our luxury room had more wine, chocolate coated strawberries and a beautiful spa, the peak of romance.

Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor   Wedding Party

Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor   Wedding Party

The Honeymoon

Our honeymoon was directly after the wedding, in Hawaii with our 1 year old daughter and my mother in law for babysitting! It was relaxing and 10 days was perfect length!

Once we got back from our honeymoon we had a TRASH THE DRESS shoot which was EQUALLY as fun as the wedding day! We cherish these photos as it was like the finale before heading back to normal routine and into married life! It was so silly and funny, Its a must do.

Bride & Groom, Tara & Scott Mellor with wedding guests   Honeymoon

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