Rain, Hail or Shine

Chelsea and Joel

Saturday, 01 October 2016

The Romance

Joel and I met off and on at various mutual friends parties in our late teens and though there may have been a few party pash's it never went any further until four years later at a friends 21st. After initially trying to remember how we knew each other, (it had been a while!) we ended up spending the rest of the party tucked away together discussing our future plans, passions and goals and it didn't take long for a few more cheeky kisses to be exchanged. I explained I had just gotten a job with an Oil and Gas company and would likely become FIFO somewhere down the road, to which Joel replied 'I think I could handle a girlfriend who worked away'. I made a joke saying something like 'hold your horses buddy' but secretly, I was thrilled.

Unfortunately he must taken the joke seriously as it then took many dates over an 8 month period for him to finally officially call me his girlfriend. However, after our very slow start, everything suddenly moved very quickly and after just five short months we were living together and very much in love.

Bride, Chelsea Sargent   Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent

The Proposal

During a trip across the USA we planned 3 days in DisneyWorld to complete all six theme parks and on the last day we did The Magic Kingdom. I love Disney Princess's so Joel had planned for us to watch the 'Make a Wish' fireworks at the water fountain under the Cinderella Castle. Unfortunately, after the worst and most expensive buffet we have ever had, we realised we couldn't get to that part of the park as it was closed down for maintenance. So we went back up to the restaurants porch to watch from there. It was a beautiful warm night and the show and the fireworks were so amazing but as it was ending I noticed Joel fiddling with his shirt pocket. I looked at him as he took out my Mum’s engagement ring, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said yes! We were so over joyed and happy that we didn't notice Joel had put the ring on the wrong finger!


Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent   Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent

The Planning

Joel and I love the South West region of WA, Pemberton especially so after spending a lazy, sun soaked, wine filled weekend down south we decided we wanted our wedding guest's to experience the beauty of the region with the same feeling we get by spending a weekend in the South West. So there was no hesitation on planning a wedding in our favorite region which suits us perfectly as a couple. We found a stunning Barn made of Stone set on a 160 arch Truffiere, which supplied space for the whole days wedding activities and would comfortably fit the whole wedding party.... and with a bit of jenga, their partners too!

We wanted every aspect of the wedding to be personalised so together with family and friends, we set about creating menu's, decorations, bouquets and every other detail we could for our sunny spring outdoor wedding.

Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent   Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent with bridal party

The Wedding Day

The wedding day arrived with a wintery top of 13c and horizontal hail. Some of the bridal party who went into town on a coffee run had a hard time getting back to the venue as a Karri tree had been blown down blocking the main highway. I am a huge summer sun kid of gal so this should have sent me on a huge downward spiral but I didn’t freak out as I knew that all that really mattered was that I was marrying the love of my life. I spent the morning getting ready upstairs in my cozy suite with my six bridesmaids and sister-in-law. Joel spent the morning doing last minute set up in the wind and rain the poor guy. We had already decided to move the reception into the gazebo the previous day but at 11am on the day of the wedding, we made the heartbreaking decision to move the ceremony from the magical intimate setting down by the river bank to the dining room downstairs and at that point Joel’s nerves started to kick in. So our wonderful bridal party and their partners sent him to his suite to relax. After a bath and beer he was clam and ready to say I do.


Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent   Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent with bridal party

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was short but very personal. When I walked into the room I only had eyes for Joel and was so very happy to see him standing there with a big smile on his face and tears in his eyes. At some point during the ceremony I took a look around the room and was hit by a wave of emotion. Everything we had wanted along the river bank had been set up in the dining room. Every single candle that could be located was lit, the honkey nuts (the woody nut or seed pod of the gum tree) I had spent hours collecting and spray painting gold were sprinkled either side of the aisle. Heavy wooden church pews brought inside for seating and my parents had decorated our arch with flowers and vines found on the property. Joel and I were so grateful with how much trouble our friends and family had gone to, to make the ceremony perfect for us, it only made us cry more!

Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent   Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent with bridal party

The Reception

Even though it was only 3c everyone was in a merry mood and the fire pits created a great central place for everyone to mix and mingle while trying to warm their fingers!. We had hundreds of mason jars filled with candles and flowers hanging from the wooden beams above and guests enjoyed local produce for the 3-course dinner while drinking wine from our favorite Manjimup winery.

Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent   Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent

The Honeymoon

After an exhausting three days of wedding actives, we were more then ready to relax on our honeymoon in Singapore and Koh Samui, but unfortunately we had a mix up and missed our flight. After some quick changes and a rushed drive back to Perth we had 30 minutes to unpack 3 trailers of wedding decorations then and pack our bags for our honeymoon. Mum sped us to the airport where we FINALLY started to relax and surprised us by throwing rice into the air and yelling congratulations. After many free Singapore slings, champagne and a congratulation cake brought to us by the pilot we eased into our wonderful relaxing and romantic Honeymoon.

Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent   Bride & Groom, Chelsea & Joel Sargent with bridal party

Wedding Advice ...

Do not try to do it all. Hire a wedding planner or take the simple road. We wanted every single aspect of the wedding to be personalised and it was exhausting. In the end we didn't care about most of the details and took everyone’s advice of making sure you take a moment for just the two of you to sit back and take it all in.

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