Rodeo Bride

Holly and Cody

Married Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Romance

Cody and I met when his cousin proposed to my cousin we all got together to celebrate, little did I know I would meet my future husband that day. Yes it was definitely love at first sight, I had seen Cody around twice before and thought he was very handsome so I was stoked to meet him and even more stoked when he talked to me. We were smitten from that day on.

Bride, Holly Sheahan   Bride & Groom, Holly Sheahan & Cody Sheahan

The Proposal

We were together three years when he proposed to me on my 24th Birthday, he told me that morning he felt bad because hadn't gotten me a present. I was a little annoyed as all I had asked for was cereal bowls, silly request yes, but we only had two in our little house and I didn't think it was much to ask. As I was telling him what I thought about his pathetic effort he had made for my birthday, he disappeared outside and returned with a flower from the garden, a beautiful engagement ring and a smile from ear to ear and said "Will you marry me Hol?". I felt very bad and accepted with lots of tears and screams.

Bride, Holly Sheahan   Bride & Groom, Holly Sheahan & Cody Sheahan

The Planning

We had 14 months to plan our wedding, and then 2 months after we got engaged we spent the next 7 months living in Canada rodeo-ing and travelling through Canada and USA together. I did a lot of planning from Canada, organising caterers, hair, make up, flowers etc through facebook and emails. It was a lot of work but Cody was amazing and helped me out with whatever I needed, as he and I work together on a property and would do a lot of planning at night. Closer to the time I had my good friends, my family and bridesmaids help us, they were the best, we could leave them do anything and they would do a perfect job. My sister was my Maid of Honour, my sister-in-law and my 3 cousins as bridesmaids and our 2 nieces (3 and 1 year old) as flower girls, all drop dead gorgeous and the best friends anyone could ask for. Code had his brother-in-law, my brother, cousin and 2 good mates, all great blokes. The simplest thing to organise for our wedding was picking my bridesmaids as I knew for a long time that I wanted those particular 5 the hardest thing on the day was keeping the boys away from the beer while setting up the shed :)

The Wedding Day

The day was picture perfect we had photos and the reception at Cody's family farm. My Wedding dress tore at the shoulder when a friend hugged me outside of the church, luckily my bridesmaid/cousin Melinda is a seamstress so she sewed it for me in 2 seconds. It was also my cousin's 21st Birthday, and of course it was Anzac Day.

Bride, Holly Sheahan   Bride & Groom, Holly Sheahan & Cody Sheahan

The Ceremony

We were married in the Catholic Church in town, the songs were country and processional song 'A thousand years' Christina Perri, the flower decorations were all chosen and arranged by my granny, I didn't see them until I walked down the aisle, she done me proud.

The Reception

We had the reception in the huge shed at the farm, it is a beautiful old rustic shed with big wooden posts, decorated with hay bales, lace, wooden wine barrels.

Bride, Holly Sheahan   Bride & Groom, Holly Sheahan & Cody Sheahan

The Honeymoon

For our honeymoon we went to the Warwick Resort FIJI. Total trip organised by my husband as a surprise to me, he told me to pack summer clothes, swimming togs and a nice dress. I had no idea where we were going until we got on our 2nd plane at the Brisbane International, he even organised with Customs to let us through without letting me see any paperwork. he handed me my ticket and it read Fiji Airlines, best surprise of my life.

Thank you Cody for marrying me you will make a great Dad to our baby due in April. Love You lots

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