Maritsa & Daniel Harjac,
Married Wednesday, 17 November 2007

Roses, Candles & Essential Oils

October 20th 2000, both my girlfriend and I went to a nightclub. While walking through the crowd she went up to Daniel to say ''hello'' while my back was turned he insisted on meeting me and for her to put in a good word. Little did he know two minutes later she came up to me and said if you don’t like him I will tell him to get lost, the poor guy. We started chatting and one thing led to another and low and behold 7 years later we are married.

Wedding Stories
Wedding Stories
Wedding Stories

Daniel proposed on the 10th June one week before my birthday. He was extremely nervous during the evening and apparently rang up one of my friends terrified that I would say no. He took me to the Windy Point restaurant for dinner. After dinner we headed back to my mum's house and received a phone call and Daniel insisted that we need to go out again.

I started to wonder what was going on when we arrived at the Pier hotel. He told me to close my eyes while he walked me through the room. When I opened my eyes there was a train of rose petals on the floor with notes. The note read:- the first time Ii met you, I knew you were the one, I love you. The note led me to a door which I opened and there was a huge love heart of rose petals on the bed with a teddy bear. Daniel got down on one knee and proposed. What made the night even more special was that he lit 100 candles, filled the room with roses and in the bathtub he had rose petals with essential oils burning. On the balcony he had champagne and chocolates and hired the notebook, which was very romantic. The reason Daniel was panicking at my mum’s house was my friend had lit all the candles in the room and left we had to get there quickly before the room caught on fire.

From when he proposed we had approximately a year and a half to plan and organise our wedding. We decided on an elegant and formal theme and invited 220 guests.

The night before our wedding I was too excited to sleep. My girl friend stayed over and we were up most of the night talking. In the morning we awoke at 6am and then the bridesmaids came over and we headed off to the hairdresser. I must say she did a fabulous job on our hair and makeup we looked and felt great. After three hours of pampering we went back home where 30 family members were waiting. Having something small to eat and drink, while getting ready one of my bridesmaids decided to wear tummy tuck underwear which was quite high we could not stop laughing what women do to look good. The photographer arrived and after one hour of posing for the camera we were on our way.

The day was perfect we were very lucky as the weather was quite warm. The church was lovely, we drove through the garden in three Marc 7 Jags arriving at the entrance where a red carpet was laid.

When the doors opened and I started walking the aisle to ‘‘don’t want to miss a thing'' by Aero Smith words cannot explain how Ii felt, both Daniel and I were filled with nerves and joy as this was the beginning of our married life together.

The evening was nice and balmy, our reception was held at Sfera's on the Park. A beautiful venue, the food was fantastic we started with antipasto platters of Prawns, Octopus and Calamari served warm bread rolls dipped in olive oil, entree of pesto with eggplant, a choice of two main meals, Barramundi or Chicken and Scotch fillets served with Mediterranean salad and rosemary spiced potatoes, Dessert was a choice of 3 small cakes and the wedding cake.

We decided on both a band and a DJ, which played a variety of music, as were both of different religion we had to come to an agreement of what music to play at what intervals to please both families. For the decorations we had Singapore orchids with soft pink roses and fairy lights, and the bonbonniere angel candleholders with pink and blue almonds wrapped in a Tully with a pink bow.

We had our honeymoon in Thailand, Koh Samui was beautiful and not expensive. We would highly recommend it. We stayed at a six star hotel on the beach, every morning we would wake up have a banquet breakfast and go for a walk along the beach, stop and have a massage and a cocktail then see where the day would take us.

Enjoy every moment as the day passes you by.


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