Schoolies Romance

Tegan and Thomas

Saturday, 06 Oct 2018

The Romance

Tom and I met at schoolies in 2008 on the Gold Coast. Dancing both our little hearts out in a night club oblivious to each other’s existence. Until my reeling in the fish dance move broke the crowded dance floor with my perfect catch. The rest is history young love caught hook line and sinker. In 2015 we moved from Melbourne back to the Gold Coast to start out new coastal lifestyle.

Tegan and Thomas Bassett   Tegan and Thomas Bassett

The Proposal

In 2016 Tom proposed to me while walking the dogs at sunrise on North Burleigh beach the morning we flew out to Bali for a short get away!


Tegan and Thomas Bassett   Tegan and Thomas Bassett

The Planning

We decided to enjoy being engaged for a while. After 6 months we had our engagement party with all our friends and family at Burleigh heads surf club. We then waited another year before putting our wedding plans into motion. We both knew that we wanted a wedding that resembled our laid back nature but also wanted it to be a massive celebration with non traditional aspects.


Tegan and Thomas Bassett   Tegan and Thomas Bassett

The Wedding Day

Our wedding day was held at our families farm in Holbrook. Wedstival style. We had it under the sky sperry tent set up in the middle of a paddock surrounded by in bloom canola fields. It was really breath taking. We were also so blessed with the weather, beautiful blue skies no clouds in the sky or any breath of wind. We kept the tradition of not staying together the night before. This really kept the excitement of seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle. The grooms party stayed in Wagga while the bridal party stayed on the farm.


Tegan and Thomas Bassett   Tegan and Thomas Bassett


The Ceremony

The ceremony was held on the farm. Buses brought all our guests to the pool area that was set up with white lanterns in the trees and white helium balloons in the pool. You could see the reception sperry tent in the back ground surrounded by the canola feilds.


Tegan and Thomas Bassett   Tegan and Thomas Bassett

The Reception

The reception was walking distance. All nestled seating under the sperry tent with a long table filled with pampas grass decorations. Another small under the sky tent holds the band “on the cusp” with a large wooden dance floor. Large paddles of wood fire pizza are being served to guests by ashlat woodfired pizza and canpes from Holbrooks ‘ten mile’. Large fire pits and hay bail seating surround the sperry tent. The reception is set up for guests to mingle and enjoy.


Tegan and Thomas Bassett   Tegan and Thomas Bassett


The Honeymoon

We decided to hold off on the honeymoon and save for a house.

Wedding Advice ...

Think about your guests and how to ensure they have the maximum fun with you. If we had our time again, we would offer all our guests to stay on the farm so we didn’t have a time limit for the party to end.
During our return from photos we had a sparkler grand entrance announced as Mr and Mrs Bassett. Never did we think about fire hazards. My bouquet was made of dried flowers and pampas grasses sprayed with layers of hairspray. As I was dancing around one of the sparklers hit my bouquet and it went up in flames in a matter of seconds. Definitely the scariest but hilariously funny moments of our lives. Definitely something we won’t forget.


Tegan and Thomas Bassett   Tegan and Thomas Bassett


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