Proposal in Sign Language

Ashlee and Taylor

Married Saturday, 26 February 2016

The Romance

We met originally in primary school as kids, I was in the Hearing Impaired class which only had a few students, this made it easy for Taylor to remember me when we met up through friends years later. He still remembered the basics of sign language, this was amazing as it made communication not only possible but enjoyable. After making it official in April 2010, I continued to teach him sign language and he helped me with my speech, we were perfect for each other.

Bride, Ashlee McCallum   Bride & Groom, Ashlee & Taylor McCallum

The Proposal

After 4 1/2 years of dating Taylor decided it was time to take the next step and propose. He took me for a walk along the beach at Culburra in the evening when he stopped took my hand and dropped to his knee, making me the happiest girl alive!

The Planning

It took us just over a year to arrange the wedding. We decided on a Semi formal theme with Scottish ties. The groomsmen were wearing kilts of blackwatch tartan and the bridesmaids were in beautiful pink dresses. We had around 90 guests.

Bride, Ashlee McCallum with her mother   Bride, Ashlee McCallum with her father

The Wedding Day

After a few 40+ degree days the temperature dropped to a comfortable 26C. There were a few nerves in the morning from myself and plenty for Taylor. Our bridal party was fantastic! They got into character for our photos and were there to help us through the nerves. The afternoon was incredible, so much fun taking photos with our amazing photographer Jason Cole. There wasn't a moment where we were without a smile, the bridal party were great and got their game faces on for the photos, some that showed a little bit too much skin (not a hard task when you are wearing a kilt).

Bride, Ashlee McCallum with her mother   Bride, Ashlee McCallum with her father

The Ceremony

When the time came to walk down the aisle to the sounds of 'At Last' by Etta James, I was overcome with emotion and the tears flowed when I saw my soon to be husband standing an the other end. Little did I know that he was fighting back tears himself. The Scottish themed ceremony was beautiful and consisted of some different events such as 'Handfasting" where our hands were wrapped three times then tied with a ribbon which is to be used for decorating the cot of our first born child, then drinking from a 'Quaich' more commonly known as a loving cup where we toasted each other for the past, present and to our future. After the exchange of the rings and the 'I Do's' we were ecstatic, after a years of looking forward to this day it was finally a reality, we were Husband and Wife. We signed the marriage documents to "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri and walked out as husband and wife to 'I Choose You' by Sara Bareilles.

Bride, Ashlee McCallum   Bride & Groom, Ashlee & Taylor McCallum

The Reception

The reception was so full of fun and energy from the start to the end. With our MC Ritchie Smith, who has known Taylor since birth, and the incredible staff at Camden Valley Inn, the night ran smoother than we could ever imagine. The food was fantastic and the drinks were flowing. The speeches had people in tears of laughter and tears of emotion. The DJ kept the night alive with appropriate dinnertime music and then livened it up once the dancing started. The first dance was to Queen's "You're my Best Friend". A song that seemed so fitting for us.

The Honeymoon

We took our honeymoon later in the year, June/July 2016. We enjoyed 4 nights in London, followed by a 3 week tour of Europe, 6 Nights in Cyprus then 3 weeks in Scotland. It was amazing!

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