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Mackenzee and Mitchell

Saturday, 09 March 2019

The Romance

Mitchell and I met at school in year six and became instant friends. I remember so clearly his first day at school in my classroom and how I thought he was so cute (I had great taste even then). We were great friends for years, with there always being the idea that it might be something more. It continued like that until a sunny Autumn afternoon when Mitchell asked me out on a picnic date in year 12. We were (and still are) inseparable and our love grew with each passing month. Mitchell would surprise me with spontaneous trips to the beach, picnics or dinner dates; our relationship never grew stale or stagnant. We would talk about how we were going to get married, the kids we would have, the little cottage we would live in and the white picket fence it would have. We knew straight from the start that we were going to be together for the rest of our lives.

Mackenzee and Mitchell Rose   Mackenzee and Mitchell Rose

The Proposal

Mitchell had been acting weird all week, with so much extra energy and excitement. He was never good at lying so I knew he might be hiding something. I didn't dream it was going to be a proposal. We had been dating for 3 and a half years when Mitchell led me to our favourite picnic spot; the place where we had our first date. As I turned to look, the tree had been decorated with beautiful white bunting (which I came to learn took Mitchell weeks to cut and make himself). I started to think something was up, when Mitchell led me to our spot and took my hands. He told how he loved me and that he would follow me to the ends of the earth. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him. And as I said yes and he took me in his arms, our families came out from where they had been hiding and we all celebrated together. I always thought proposals would be magical and special but I didn't think that I could be so right.

It's hard to say when I knew Mitchell was the 'one' because I've always felt he was the one for me, even when I was 11 years old, sitting across from him in our year six classroom. Something else that's also really special about Mitchell and I, is that we attended the same Kindergarten in a completely different town for a whole year and didn't realise. We only found out when Mitchell and I were looking through one of his old scrapbooks (when we were 18), and my mum and I were standing in the background of his photo! Life has a really strange way of bringing people together, and it was really clear to us all that God had a plan for both of us and that our lives were to be worked together into something magical.

Mackenzee and Mitchell Rose   Mackenzee and Mitchell Rose

The Planning

We started planning for our wedding day almost the same day we got engaged. I love to plan and organise and I had been looking forward to planning my own wedding for many years. Being university students meant that our wedding date had to be planned around our year, our holidays and when all of our close family and friends could come together to share with us. We had a little over six months to get everything in order for our big day. We divided the bigger jobs; Mitchell organised the catering and honeymoon, where I organised the theme, venue and photographer. We work really well as a team and were on the same page from the start about the type of wedding we wanted and the amount of money we could spend. Of course we had disagreements leading up to the wedding, with family and between ourselves, but we both knew where we were headed and what we wanted our wedding to be.

Our families played such a big part in setting up of the ceremony and reception, making the wedding day run so smoothly and help everyone be present on the day rather than worrying about details. Planning my wedding was an experience I'll never forget because I didn't realise how exciting, frustrating, exhilarating and stressful something could be although, it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done making it all so worth it.

Mackenzee and Mitchell Rose   Mackenzee and Mitchell Rose

The Wedding Day

The girls and I spent the morning getting reading at St Aubins and lived it up by singing all of the Taylor Swift and One Direction songs (with matching choreography, of course) while we got our hair and makeup done. While we were living our best lives singing at the top of our lungs, Mitchell, the groomsmen and our families were putting the last few decorations and essentials in place ready for the day.

Although we didn't truly see each other until I walked down the aisle, Mitchell and I said a prayer together (standing back to back with our eyes closed) before we started our marriage together to commit everything, it will be to God. This was such a special time for us and one that I really loved having as part of the wedding day.

Everyone thinks their own wedding day is the best (and while I still think our is), it was very special to have so many of our guests of family and friends mention how happy and joyous our wedding was. There was so much laughter, happy tears and more laughter that everyone shared creating so many memories that will last a lifetime. I think this was so beautifully captured in our photos.

Many people worry about rain on their wedding day, especially if it's an outdoor wedding (like ours). My advice however, is to not worry about the rain, worry about sky rocketing humidity afterwards and be prepared for it! We woke up on the day of our wedding with everything soaked in rain, which really was quite refreshing and not something I was worried about until, the humidity increased to percentages in the high 90s with no sign of it decreasing. Despite all of this, we had the most amazing day with the happiness of being a newly wed drowning out any other feeling.

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was held on the lawn at St Aubins, and was decorated with more rustic, vintage inspired pieces. I walked down the aisle to my sister singing and playing an acoustic version of Can't Help Falling in Love, linked arm in arm with my dad and my step-dad as they are both so special to me. My sisters sweet voice and guitar playing, all of my family and friends, the beautiful venue and my husband-to-be at the end of the aisle, is a mental image I will never forget and one that encapsulates a feeling of true happiness.

For me, extreme happiness is not usually without some happy tears as well (I cried at the proposal too), and I cried my whole way through our vows. Mitchell has always had a way with words (he's a secondary English teacher), but there was something so beautiful about his vows and the way he read them that made me and all of my bridesmaids cry. All I can say, is that I've never been more appreciative of water proof makeup until that point in my life!

After we were officially married, we walked back up the aisle together as husband and wife to Better Half by Keith Urban which so perfectly ended our ceremony and is still a song we listen to on repeat.

Mackenzee and Mitchell Rose   Mackenzee and Mitchell Rose

The Reception

Our reception was under a marquee on the lawn at St Aubins which was so special to have so many friends and family in the same place at one time. The best way I can describe our reception, is to call it a dance party. It was such a happy time mostly spent dancing to our own playlist we created.

Both my sister and I spent all of our lives growing up, dancing and it seemed fit that on the most important day of my life, we would do something to share our love and huge dedication to performing with our family and friends. Together, we made a compilation of significant dances we performed from our first dance on stage through to our last dance we performed together. It was such a special (and comical) way to do our last 'dance' together, as she is such a huge part of my life.

I think the best thing about our wedding day was that we really got to relax and enjoy the day itself rather than worry about little things like serviettes or if Aunt Marge was sitting in the right chair. I spent all of the days, weeks and months leading up to my wedding working hard and planning to make sure that it ran smoothly, so that I didn't have to spend my actual wedding day being stressed too! If everything is planned and everyone knows where they need to be and when, then all you need to do is enjoy your day because you have earned it! Planning really well before hand means that there's less likelihood of things going wrong, and even if it does, roll with the punches!

The Honeymoon

Our honeymoon was short and sweet (as we had to be back in time to start our final year of university together), which we spent in Mt Tamborine, QLD. This was such a relaxing time for us and was a few days where we enjoyed each other free from real life pressures and stress. This little getaway was a road trip and was the perfect ending to all of our celebrations.

Wedding Advice ...

Quick tip to gals getting married or if you're a bridesmaid in the warmer months - when you get hot, twirl around in a circle over and over to let some air get underneath your dress, essentially creating a fan. This was something my bridesmaids and I did many times throughout the day to keep us cool and it truly works. It also makes for hilarious footage!


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