Lisa and Nicholas Hollis,
Married Saturday, 18 June 2011

Soul Mates

We met at a nightclub which was the last place I ever thought I would meet my soul mate. We got on so well and really enjoyed each other's company. It was different from any other relationship either of us had ever had and before long we both knew what real 'LOVE' was.

Christmas morning 7 months after we met Nic got up early and I just thought he was excited because it was Christmas. When I finally got up and walked downstairs, Nic was at the bottom of the stairs on one knee with our favourite song 'She's the One' playing in the background. It was so romantic it took my breath away and it took me a while to say YES as I was lost for words.

We had our engagement party in June and had 18 months to plan our Wedding. We decided to have a beach wedding on Magnetic Island so there were many visits to the Island and lots of planning to be done. Everyone on the Island was fantastic and we really couldn't have pulled it all together without their help. We both wanted our wedding to be personal and romantic; we came up with some great ideas and agreed on everything together.

Lisa & Nicholas Hollis Lisa & Nicholas

Our wedding was the most amazing day ever. We had Nic's family come over from New Zealand. Even with the threat of the Ash Clouds in the sky at the time, everyone made it except his cousin and his wife who managed to make it the following day. My family and friends travelled from Wales in the UK which was amazing. There were 15 of them all travelling together on the same flight to make our day extra special. We also had family and friends travel from all over Australia and Townsville to join us, this made us realise what great family and friends we have.

We didn't just have a Wedding Day we had a Wedding Weekend! Everyone came over to the Island on the Friday morning until Monday and we hired out the Canopy Chalets Resort for our whole family, which was a great idea of Nic's, this way everyone was together but still had their own privacy. We had a meet and greet BB Q on the Friday night where both family and friends could come together. This was a great night with plenty of singing and banter from both families. 

Lisa & Nicholas Hollis Lisa & Nicholas Hollis

The big day arrived, Nic had stayed at the All Season's Resort that night with the boys and they all went fishing the morning of the wedding.  Nic said the wind was wild and he didn't think we would be able to have the wedding on the beach, but a couple of hours before the wedding the wind completely stopped and the weather was perfect.  

We had an early start at the girl’s camp, having the hairdresser and makeup artist arriving at 8am.  We had fun getting ready and all looked so beautiful once all the final touches were complete.  Our Flower Girl and Page Boy, Imani and Brady were so cute together and they took their jobs very seriously and were fantastic all day long.

Lisa & Nicholas Hollis

We arrived at the beach in a stretch jeep and it looked beautiful, white flags flying in the slight breeze and everyone standing around waiting for us to arrive. We walked down the beach to that special song 'She's the One' and my proud dad finally lead me to Nic who was about to become my husband.

Our ceremony was very special down on the beach where we added some personal touches. We involved our mothers by getting them to hold onto the wedding rings during the ceremony to warm them with their love; these rings were then exchanged for white roses. My cousin Allison and Nic's sister Amy read poems we had written instead of the usual readings and they said there wasn't a dry eye around. After the ceremony we went for our photo session to some very beautiful parts of the Island, we had a lot of fun and laughs but everything was going way too fast.

Lisa & Nicholas Hollis
Lisa & Nicholas Hollis

Then it was on to our beach reception at the All Seasons Resort, where we were greeted by all of our family and friends.  We had an amazing night with a couple of surprises!  My Uncle Terry from Wales got up and sang us a beautiful song 'Sunrise Sunset' and then to finish the night off the Best man, Groomsmen and MC did the traditional Haka which was very touching and brought tears to our eyes.  The only downfall of the night was that it all went too fast.
We didn't have a honeymoon as we wanted to spend the extra time with our families that had travelled so far to spend our special day with us.  We had the most amazing wedding with amazing family and friends and now to top it all off we are extending our family as we are expecting our first child in April, what more would we ask for?  We definitely believe we were meant to meet as we truly are soul mates.

Lisa & Nicholas Hollis

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