Summit Sunset

Belinda and Nathan

Married Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Romance

Burra Beer Pong championships held in Newborough... My girlfriend and I up against Nathan and his older brother in a round, lets just say, I sunk 9 out of 10 cups on the beer pong table and I stole his heart. I knew he was the one when we were watching a movie and I was laying on my hand and my hand was dead, I started shaking it around like a mad cat and smacked myself in the face... he didn't leave me then!

Bride & Groom, Belinda & Nathan Stewart   Bride, Belinda Stewart

The Proposal

Nathan proposed on Good Friday 2015 in the Grampians/Halls Gap. We go there every year camping and we climb one of the same mountains every year, at the top of the mountain on the edge he popped the ring under my arm and asked if I would become a Stewart.

The Planning

I loved planning every minute of our wedding, I had 10 months to have this done but it only took me around 5 months to have everything organised. The planning was amazing, I loved everything, I loved the searching for things! Plus we had plenty of support if we needed it; all we had to do was ask our families and our beloved friends. We are not fancy or over the top, everything was simple. We had a cocktail style reception planned. At the end of the day I knew I didn't care what happened as long as I married him.


Bride, Belinda Stewart with flower girls   Bride & Groom, with bridal party

The Wedding Day

Our wedding day was the most picture perfect day anyone could ask for, 8 degrees and sunny! We were up on Mt Baw Baw each of us had a dorm, which I shared with my girls and Nathan had his boys in for the night before. We were just excited it was happening. All our family was there to share this day and our most beautiful friends.

The Ceremony

We had an outdoor ceremony, held at Mt Baw Baw on the starting point for the mountain bike races, reason being, the view was magical, and as soon as I saw the spot I visualized our guests standing there I saw where it would all happen. The atmosphere was full of excitement tears of joy, fun, upbeat, happy. Absolutely amazing! Words can hardly explain how wonderful it was.


Bride, & Groom Hugging   Bride & Groom at sunset

The Reception

Our cocktail reception was in one of the main bar-restaurants at Mt Baw Baw. The staff there created the decorations I had asked for and I popped in a few fairy lights and candles. They were great!


Bride, trahsing her wedding dress   Bride & Groom, Belinda & Nathan Stewart, trash your wedding dress

The Honeymoon

We headed off to Thailand three days after our wedding for two weeks, our Travel agent did everything for us, resort on the beach for Adults only! Swim up bar and a short walk on the beach to the town. It was just what we needed, romantic and relaxing.

Wedding Advice ...

Prior to the wedding, I constantly thought about my guests and how to please them. I couldn't please them all. I ended up thinking to myself and talking with Nathan, its our day, not anyone elses. So my Advice to others, is, do what you want, put yourself first, do not move or change anything for you and your soon to be husband for any guest, its your day!

Most memorable moment ...

We were driven up to the top of the summit of Mt Baw Baw (which I had only prayed we could do from day 1, this was weather pending we would get up there). Lucky enough, we were able to be driven up there and experienced the most magical sunset of the year- perfect red sky! Comments were made from all the staff at Mt Baw Baw - they hadn't ever seen a sunset like that! Magical!


Bride & Groom, Belinda & Nathan Stewart at Sunset

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