Teaching Abroad

Katerina and Johnathan

Saturday, 16 November 2019

The Romance

We first met in The Middle East. We were both teaching abroad in Qatar at the same school. I was teaching grade 1 and Johnathan was teaching grade 4. When I first met Johnathan I thought he was one of the most kindest and compassionate people I have ever met. He first started texting me asking me out for coffee but I was on a mission to stay single and travel. After a few months of persisting I realised that he was the real deal. He was ever so patient with me and gave it eveeything he had to show me how much he cared for me.


Katerina and Johnathan Britz   Katerina and Johnathan Britz

The Proposal

We soon started dating and traveled to the U.K, Oman, Turkey, Macedonia, Sri Lanka and explored Qatar together. I had the best adventures with him and we built such a strong bond. He would always make me laugh, took care of me when I was sick and always also fit right in with my crqzy, loud European family! He showed me a love I had never experienced before. I can't believe how lucky I am to have the most incredible husband who shows me what love really is every single day!, I knew he was definetly the one when he put in so much effort with my family. I come from European background and it can be quite full on sometimes! Johnathan made sure he put in the effort with everyone and I now love him more than they love me! We then did some travelling through Australia and in 2018 Johnathan proposed to me in my hometown of Ohrid in Macedonia on a mountain at sunset. This is where I was born before my family and I moved to Australia. He couldn't have picked a better location because he knows how much Macedonia means to me!


Katerina and Johnathan Britz   Katerina and Johnathan Britz

The Planning

I had to plan my special day while I was still living in Qatar. I was so very lucky to have my parents and brother who organised so much. They went to all the hotels to look for a reception, organised pretty much everything for us! We couldn't have done it without them!


Katerina and Johnathan Britz   Katerina and Johnathan Britz

The Wedding Day

It was a beautiful day! We had guests who had come down for our wedding from different parts of the world! We both got ready at my parents house but didn't see each other before the ceremony. It was very exciting/nerve racking to know that Johnathan was getting ready just two rooms down from me. I was really excited and couldn't wait to for him to see me walk down the aisle. It was a religious orthodox ceremony held at St Nikola Macedonian Orthodox Church. Johnathan was so incredible because he respected my religion/culture and we got married in a Macedonian Orthodox Church. This really meant a lot to me and I know my family truly appreciated it.

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was small and intimate and was definetly a memorable one. Johnathan got teary when he saw my dad walk me down The aisle. It was a beautiful moment.


Katerina and Johnathan Britz   Katerina and Johnathan Britz

The Reception

Our wedding reception was held at Rendezous in Scarborough with an ocean view. It was everything I had dreamt of. When I walked into the reception I couldn't believe how beautiful everything had come together. We had floral centerpieces and our theme was soft pastel colours with lots of white.

Wedding Advice ...

I would advise you to stress less and enjoy more. Everyone always tells you that it all works out in the end and everything really does come together...trust me.. it really does!


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