Very Special in Time

Symone and Travis

Sunday, 22 November 2020

The Romance

My husband and I met in high school when we were 13 years old. For me it was love at first sight and at 13 years old I told my friends one day I would marry Travis. For Travis it took a bit more time, but once he got to know me he knew it was pretty special.


Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Proposal

Travis proposed when we were travelling around Europe in Barcelona. We were driving a minion van around France with some friends and decided we would drive to Barcelona to get there by sunset. When we arrived Trav took me to a beach. It was a horrible beach so we took a walk further along where we over looked the city lights. Trav dropped to one knee on the rocks and took the ring wrapped in toilet paper out and proceeded to put the ring on the wrong fingers. Of course I said yes! And the next day we met up with his family where we celebrated out engagement.


Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Planning

Planning our wedding on a tight budget for a large number of guests was extremely stressful and hard work. I was pregnant with my first child so our income was going to dramatically reduce leading up to the wedding due to me being on maternity leave. I had a couple years to plan and was glad I took that time because it allowed me time to shop around which helped with sticking to the budget.
I had plenty of help from my family and my husbands family and my bridesmaids were also a great help.


Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Wedding Day

Our wedding was amazing, everything I could ever dream of. I wanted all the formal parts of a typical wedding but wanted it to be essentially a big party where people can drink as much as they like and dance the night away.

The Ceremony

Our Ceremony was held at John Forrest National Park in Hovea. We had a round arbour with the bush/national park as our backdrop. A friend played acoustic music and sung while our guests waited for the ceremony to begin. My Uncle, who is Scottish, played the bagpipes as my Dad and I walked down the aisle which was amazing. It was absolutely incredible and the ceremony was beautiful and even more than what I could imagine it to be. We were married with incredible views of the national park and kangaroos in the background. Our guests then went to the tavern to have a drink while we were off getting photos and they were all getting photos with the many kangaroos around the tavern (one even went inside). This was particularly special as we had many guests fly over from Scotland to attend our wedding, so seeing kangaroos at a wedding was pretty spectacular to them.


Megan and Kyle McGregor   Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Reception

We had our reception in our backyard which we renovated especially for the wedding, it was a sit down affair and the set up was amazing. We were both extremely nervous leading up to the event but once the ceremony was over we were both able to relax and really enjoy the day. We had 116 guests seated on the grass area with rustic wooden table and chairs and festoon lights over the top.
We hada stage set up to the side where the band was set up and the dance floor. Under the patio area we had our catering company who cooked paella infront of our guests in big open paella pans which was great for them to see. We had vintage love letter up the top over looking the tables and a wine barrel set up for the bar area.


Megan and Kyle McGregor

The Honeymoon

Unfortunately we had to cancel our honeymoon due to corona virus. We were planning to hire a camper van and drive up the coast of Queensland with a baby girl. If I was to win the True Bride of the year competition, the money will be going towards our familymoon

Wedding Advice

Stay in the moment, take time for you and you husband on the day where it's quiet and you can be left alone. It's a massive day and it goes by so quickly I would recommend just taking a moment with you new husband/wife to fully appreciate the day. I am so glad we decided to try for a baby before our wedding. It was so special to have her a part of our day. As difficult as it was managing a wedding while having a 5 month old it made our day that much more special to be able to share it with her along with our family and friends.

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